Friday, October 20, 2017

MAD MAX: My Conversion


Sometime ago, I started to work on a Savage Worlds Conversion for my own Mad Max setting. After lots of drafts and attempts to get the feeling of the game that I wanted, I ended up scraping the use of Savage Worlds.

Savage Worlds made a real easy conversion too. With Hell On Earth, Darwins World, and Broken Earth as source material I was able to get a good post apocalyptic setting. But I had some issues with the flavor of it. Mainly for me, it didn't capture the feeling of grit, diesel fumes and amalgamation of monster truck and roadsters.

I looked at a pile of other systems, one which I really liked.. Atomic Highway.. which looks fun and its FREE at DriveThruRPG. But again, not quite what I wanted. I wanted to use a system that I could have total control over, with out having to fudge or make up to many of my own rules to make it work and with out loosing any balance of the system.

I decided to go with GURPS. And I must say, its been a real pleasure to work with. I havent ran a GURPS game in years, its one of my favorites and is something I ran for a very long time in the 90s and early Y2K's. And its bringing back a lot of good memories.

Well I been busy the last week. I come up with several character templates to use if a player wanted to use. Here are the template ideas and my Waste Land Adventure Map made with Hex Kit (Bottom)

Road Warrior - Your wandering hero type

Imperator - A strong iron willed leader type

Organic Mechanic - Your Healer Type

Black Thumb - Your Mechanical Type

War Boy - Your crazy and fearless type

Raider - Your highly resourceful, and mobile warrior type

Wastelander - Jack of all trades survivor type

Ferrals - Your wild melee specialist type

And last but not least, my Wastelands Adventure Map..