Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Tabletop Simulator: Conan 2D20 Character Sheets!


So I have finally got around to completing my Conan 2D20 Character sheets for my steam workshop.

So now.. you can use a fully editable character sheet when you play!

You can check it out here!

And if you actually want to play Conan on Tabletop Simulator. Try out the my Conan Table, found here. (Old character sheets are in this one) There are no Conan board tiles in this mod, what you are seeing is for my own personal use. (Sorry)

Get it here!

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Play By Poll: Page 3 - The Ruins of Re' Shar

Hey all,

It was either cross the ford or take the path. They were the options presented and it was a tie. So I had to head to the comments on the blog and sure enough, there was one more vote to take the path behind the water falls.

So here we go.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

2D20 Conan Home Brew Creature Feature: The Supplicant of Ne' Rogh

Its been awhile since I updated any of my creatures. I stopped just after I heard about the demise of Google + . But, I am back again with another creature of horror spawned from the depths of inspired sword and sorcery readings.

I present to you: The Supplicant of Ne' Rogh

This unholy terror summoned from the very bowels of hell is a horrific encounter to deal with. Usually entering from the shadows, it appears to be a person with its head lowered and crawling on its hands and knees, keeping its true identity hidden until the last moment,  rears up like a cobra and strikes with its hidden tentacles, arms and rows upon rows of tiny needle sharp teeth. It will try to surround its victim in a cloak like embrace to be devoured slowly over time.

Few have ever escaped its embrace. 

Art by: bogdanrezunenko
Horror: D3 to Summon

Awareness   Intelligence   Personality   Willpower
8                 10                  8                   8
Agility       Brawn Coordination
10(2)         8(2)      8
Combat (2) Movement (2)
Fortitude (1) Senses (3)
Knowledge — Social —

Stress and Soak
Stress: Vigor 11 Resolve 9
Soak:  Unnatural Skin 2 Morale: Hell Spawned 2 

Inhuman clicking: The many clicking teeth of this horror from hell is enough to stun anyone, and once heard is known to drive the few who survive insane.
5CD, Range Close, Area Piercing, Persistent 2, Stun, Fearsome 2 and Intense 

Flailing Arms and Tentacles:
5CD Reach 3: Grapple, knockdown, Fearsome 2, 

Fear 2
Feed upon Fear
Inured to fear
Inured to Pain
Dread Creature 4
Inhuman Brawn 2
Inhuman Agility 2 
Keen Senses (Hearing, Touch)
Night Vision


Envelopment -2 Doom: If the supplicant either knocks down or grapples a target, it may spend 2 doom to envelope the target and do the listed damage below. (Much like how a person would wear a cloak) As a free action sink its spiny teeth into the poor soul and slowly devour him. When ever the Supplicant activates, it may use this doom spend to roll its damage on a target who is already enveloped as a minor action.
5CD, Piercing 4, Persistent  2, Unforgiving. 
A target is considered grappled at this point and must have a contest of skills to escape its grip. Supplicants Athletics vs Targets Athletics or Acrobatics to escape it grip

Immobile: Once a target is enveloped, the supplicant may no longer take a move action of any type until the target is no longer enveloped. 

Stealthy: It my add 2 momentum to any successful stealth check or ambush/surprise attempts. 

Hidden in plain Sight: This creature appears as a naked person crawling on its hands and knees with its head lowered until it strikes. It will require a D3 Insight roll to see what true horror this is. If you pass, the target will can take a fear check 1 when it is revealed.

Demon Spawn: This creature is immune to pain and fear. And can track its targets with an uncanny ability in all at all levels of lighting.

Do not get to close - 4 Doom: On a successful parry, it may spend 4 doom to immediate enveloped its attacker.

Play by Poll RPG: The Ruins of Re' Shar Page 2

Page 2 of the Ruins of Re' Shar

You duck back into the treeline to observe the figure standing by the waters edge. You notice that the figure is dressed in a long hooded cloak and has been standing motionless for sometime, if it was not for the breeze created by the water falls causing the robs to stir, you would almost think that the figure is a statue standing with it's arms crossed.

But after sometime, the figure suddenly turns and starts to walk towards the water falls, you catch a slight glimpse of its dark face, but you are unable to tell if it was male or female or even human! But it quickly disappears behind the cascading flow.

It is while you were watching the figure that you notice that in the ford, a motion underneath the waves, as if something is swimming just under the surface. The wake appears to move against the current and back towards the waterfalls. And while watching this unnatural wake move, you also realize that several of the boulders that are in the water are also remnants of old statues or carvings.

You are now left with the decision. Do you take the path which leads behind the waterfalls or do you cross the ford?

Do you:

A) Cross the ford?
B) Take the path?

Skill 10
Stamina: 18
Luck: 9
Provision: 2
Leather Armor.
Long Sword.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Play by Poll RPG: The Ruins of Re' Shar

The cool mist from the falling water has soaked you to your skin. But you find it refreshing after a week long journey it took for you to get to the valley where fabled ruins of Re' Shar rest.

The rumor has it that these ruins contained unimaginable wealth for those who are willing to dive deep into its depths. You, a young adventurer, unafraid of what fate may have in store has decided to accept this great quest and explore darkest secrets of this subterranean complex.

As you descend into the lush valley, you can see the great water falls from the distance. This landmark indicates that the entrance to the ruins of Re' Shar is nearby. You walk for another several minutes and as you round the bend in the path, the forest clears enough to see the great carvings of the Great Horned Death Beetle on the escarpment wall. You have indeed found the location of the entrance to Re' Shar.

You are still some distance away from the entrance, but you can see that there is a lone solitary figure standing near the waters edge, this cloaked figure seems to be standing and watching the pool of water before its feet.

The path diverges nearby, with one path leading the large waterfalls. The other, leads down to the river ford, which will take towards the cloaked figure and the entrance.

Do you:
A: Cross the ford and head towards the figure and the entrance?
B: Stay back off the path, and observe the area?
C: Duck out of sight, and head down the path to the waterfalls?

Skill: 10
Stamina: 18
Luck: 9
Provisions: 2
Leather Armor
Long Sword

Leave your comments or questions below.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

If I was to play 2D20 Conan: Calacorm

Hi all,

Growing up, I am sure all of us "Gamers" had a character that they always played, a character that they always envisioned as they wanted to be like in real life.

I was no different. In fact, I am sure, like many others. That I was not the only who would write up full stories and backgrounds about this one particular hero. No matter what game they played, as long as the setting matched the background of that character, they made the character based on that vision.

In fact, even today I find myself tempted to create that character in the various rules and settings that are more then abundant today then it was back when I was a teen.

So I decided to sit down and make the hero that I created way back in the 80s, and pop him into Modiphius's 2D20 Conan ruleset. Given that the Conan character creation mechanic places a large focus on story telling, I was able to use this system to get what I think is an accurate creation of how Calacorm would play out as in this world.

The concept of Calacorm was that he was never a "super" hero type or someone who would be able to handle everything that was thrown at him. But more of a character who would persevere through hardships, someone who was flawed and failed things on the first try. But would succeed at things in the long run, by being smart, disciplined, a healthy dose of daring and being a team player. The last thing I wanted was to have a character who could always succeed at anything he did.

More resolute then strong.

Hence where the idea of Calacorm was born. So with out further adue, I would like to introduce to you. Calacorm Udrathed.

As an added touch of nostalgia, I searched for the Ken Kelly image that I used on my cover, when I wrote my first story about him and submitted it in my school's short story competition.

ATTRIBUTE ASPECTSDexterous & Strong and Resolute
CASTEBorn Soldier
EDUCATIONEducated on the Battlefield
STORYThe Promotion of the Fool
WAR STORYStranded in the Wastelands
No Mercy
Bind Wounds
Sixth Sense
Brigandine jacket (Armor 2: Torso/Arms)
Cheap riding horse
Cheap clothes with military insigna of dubious origin
Battlefield Honor
A magnificent drinking horn with metal cup
A brilliant scarlet cloak, made in the dreaming west
Large Shield , a gift from a fallen dog-brother.