Wednesday, March 18, 2015

FG-Con: Just a Few More Weeks!!


If I can say one thing, its the fact that I am really excited about FG-Con. I am hosting 2 short games and 1 demo game this year, and I think we are going to have a lot of fun!

I have been slowly putting things together over the last few weeks, making pregens, making notes, searching the internet for pictures, and all the other fun things when it comes to GMing games.

I have also just announced that I will be starting a campagin game for "The Last Parsec" over with the guys and gals of SXG.  The event which is called "Jolly's Savage Sci Fi" Which is open to any member of the group, and if you are not a member, its free to join and you will gets loads of access to many scheduled games through out the week with many great GMs and great players alike.

And I have also been running a Play by Post game on RPOL. Which has been going for almost a month now. Another game which anyone is welcomed to join in at any time.

Back to the FG-Con Events, if anyone out there is interested in joining then feel free to check out the links

April 17th: Savage Battlestar Galactica; Rise of the Phoenix

April 18th: Savage Worlds: Weird Wars II; Hold At All Cost

and lastly April 19th, a demo really of the FFG: Black Crusade: Boarding Party.

So swing by and check it all out..


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