Monday, April 18, 2016

Coming Soon - Beasts and Barbarians: Bloody Sands, 1 Shot Adventure.

Bloody SandsSat, 23 April, 02:30GMT

Pre Gen Characters for the up and coming

Beasts and Barbarians: Bloody Sands

Darious - If he is not attempting to steal something, he is spending his "earnings" in various taverns and brothels of the Dominions.

Duke Grinlor - Once a rich and powerful duke in the southern Dominions, now banished and exiled, never to see his homelands again under fear of death.

Hellthenia - A savage amazon warrior seeking revenge on those who murdered her tribe.

Skull Gnasher - A savage ghoulblooded warrior from the strange and mysterious Cairnlands.

Turock - A barbarian with only one goal in life,  to crush all that stand before him.

Brok - The Champion of the Dominions, A former gladiator that won his freedom on the blood stained sands of the arenas.

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