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The Story of Adrift: The FG-Con One Shot Adventure Overview.

I was asked if I would be willing to share my notes on this adventure, but when I looked at the notes I realized that the only person who would be able to decipher it would be me. So, I will just give a brief over view on the adventure. That way, if you wanted to run something similar you can use this idea as a base for your own.

There is some background that needs to be told. When it comes to running one shot adventures for cons, I find it useful to help set the mood and steer people's imaginations in the right direction long before they actually start to play. So I posted the "Teaser" here. This helps set the premise of something bad happening to the crew for some strange reason.

Background: The background, is the crew of this drifting ship was delivering a mysterious cargo. They were offered a lot of coin to ask no questions, and to deliver it ASAP.  During the loading operations of the cargo, there was an accident and a container was damaged. Little did they know, that soon after they departed, the containers systems failed, allowing a trapped entity loose onto the ship. A Sarcophagi(oly?). And after being trapped inside this containment, it went in search of it's revenge. Eventually driving the crew of the cargo ship all against each other till a blood bath ensued. When the bloodbath was over and only one crew member barely surviving, the creature feasted. But was then trapped on board a derelict  and drifting ship, slowly starving as it can only feed of the bodies killed by its victims. And with one person left, it could feed no longer.

The story begins as the players, members of a Salvage Crew discover this cargo ship drifting in the void. Needing to determine if ship is able to be claimed, they had to search the ship and make sure there were no one surviving on board.

They enter a ship filled with signs of chaos, anti grav turned off, main power turned off, parts of ship vented into space. Crew quarters filled with blood, signs of fighting.. a total mess. As they search the ship, they discovered various entry logs, by different crews, all talking about how every one else is out to get them, how one person attack another for no reason. There was more then enough clues for the players to determine that this ship descended into madness.

They then discovered the lone survivor, who managed to suspend himself in a cyro chamber in hopes to be rescued, as he was severely wounded. The idea, at the time was to make players believe that this was the captain of the drifting ship, but if the players discovered the crew roster prior to finding him they will see that his picture does not match, and in fact he is really just a deckhand. All of this to add to the paranoid feeling of the game. The person, who already was driven mad will try again to directly attack and kill the players the first chance he gets. (But in my game at the time, one of the players who kinda lost his own mind, opened fired on him the moment he stepped out of the chamber) killing him. (Not expected to happen!)

This is where the Djinn comes into play. The whole time the players are searching the ship and trying to figure out what happened, the Djinn was already starting to sow the seeds of dissent among the players.  It needs to feed. The one rule I had was the first NPC/Player to die that starving Djinn would appear to feast. Giving a chance for the players to act. Since the NPC hit the floor with a gunshot wound in the first 5 seconds of his arrival, the Djinn appeared. The players, some standing to fight, others fleeing had to then deal with the creature.

In the end, 3 of the players who were already turned against the remaining 2 players; fled back to their own ship left the captain and the first mate alone fighting the creature.

The two remaining crew managed to kill the creature, but were left on the ship in the darkness of space.

Thats where the one shot ended.

Also note: As I used pregen characters, I had the relationships pointed in the direction of not getting along with others. At the beginning of the game, I instructed each player to roleplay these relationships as they saw fit. So, given the background character info, paranoia, and a evil spirit messing things up, it didn't take long for the characters to start to crumble. :)

I think we all had a good time, there was a lot of laughs. So for me, that's what matters. Anyways that's the concept of "Adrift"

Thanks all.

I attached my players to this post, so if they ever wanted to add in their perspectives they can, and are welcomed too.

+Raz Kabooz +Jeannette Jarrar +Frank Falkenberg +James Goodman +Andrew Jones

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