Sunday, August 13, 2017

RPGaDAY 2017: Day 13: A Game Changer

Back in 2014, I wrote a blog about an experience that I had. And now that I think back to that experience, I personally believe that, that was the time when I had so much fun and so did my players I decided to loosen things up a bit, and start moving my RPGs to games that are more designed to allow the players and the GMs to have even more creative licence with their own story telling in a session.

Instead of retyping it, here is the blog of that night...

After that night, I started to look for different games, with different mechanics. Games like FFG Star Wars, and then the 2D20 systems like Conan, and then on to games designed by Free League such as Corilios for example. All great systems that allow a lot of interaction from the players to the story telling.

That night, when I allowed my players to take an already liberal system such as Savage Worlds, and let them tell their own story really opened up my eyes to a lot of other great systems and techniques for running games.

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