Monday, September 29, 2014

It Only Takes One Blog to Start Off..

Hey all..

Jolly here from The Atlantic Wargamer
And yes, I am aware that I have not posted much this year in my minis blog.

Simple reason for that... I have not touched any of it for months. But fear not, that aspect of my life will be coming back soon, as I await the arrival of my Robotech Tactics Kickstarter items to arrive in which I have full intention of using for Tomorrows War.

But.. this blog here is not about Wargaming, its about my other hobby, Role Playing.

Our group, the GFW Gamers are always playing RPGs, so I figured I will keep a little record of those games from my perspective here on this page.

So coming very soon, some short stories of the adventures by me, The Jolly GM.

I also just recently got involved with the following group on Google+ Check them out!

+The Society of Extraordinary Gamers

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