Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Weird Wars II: The Forgotten Beach. June 6th 1944 (A Shameless Advertising Plug)

Warning!!! You are about to read: 
A shameless self promoting plug for recruitment to my FG-Con adventure.

Intro to the plug!

Ok, So I am little new to the online community of roleplaying. Yes, I have been around for years, asking silly little questions about functions, features, and rulesets on FGII. But I am completely new when it comes to joining an online community of fellow RPG gamers who I am complete strangers with and actually playing games with said individuals.

I can say all types of things to self promote, about how long I have been roleplaying, all the collections I own, all the games I have played, blah blah and more blah.

I also accept, that when it comes to FG-Con or other similar online roleplaying events, people who know you or played with you before will be advantageous to getting players to join. Something which I am working hard to counteract cause not many people out there in the online world have played in my games before.

Here comes the plug!

Thing is, if you want to play a game that involves guns, massive explosions,  and horror and want to share that experience with others around the virtual table, feel free to register for FG-Con  and join my game, or maybe you know someone who is interested in roleplaying then feel free to share this post with them.

So what do you have to lose by joining my game? The worst, maybe a few hours of your life, the best of the worst, the countless souls of those you are trying to save.

But I want to focus on the best that can happen if you join my game. You have fun, meet a few new players, and again, lose the countless souls you are trying to save!

I have two willing volunteers already.. I have room for 3 more.. why not enlist today, and storm that beach.

This has been a unpaid service announcement

Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno, and Sword. All names of the famous beaches fought on during the Normandy invasion on the one of the most important days in the history of mankind. But what ever happened to the invasion force on Atlas Beach? Scrubbed from the history books, purged from the records, what became of the soldiers and survivors on that cold beach on that day June 6th 1944? Share their stories, feel their pain, experience the true and unnatural horrors that thrive on death and war.
Inspired by the 1970's DC Comic Books "Weird Wars Tales"

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