Friday, December 11, 2015

RPG Open Invite: RIFTS: Chaos Earth "Christmas Apoc"

Dec 21, 2098

Six former NEMA agents that decided to move into the more lucrative R&D sector,  all hired by the tech giant "Weyland HT Corp" as subject matter experts in their chosen fields. With the help of these six, "WHtC" was able to land a massive multi billion dollar contract for supplying NEMA with several new technological advancements.

To celebrate the start of this wonderful partnership, WHtC is throwing a massive Christmas party/Showcase for everyone to see and the media to eat up!

As guest, the 6 members will be able to rub shoulders with the corporate big wigs, enjoy the party and marvel at the view looking over the city of Atalanta from the 200th floor of the mega hotel, The Empress.

Of course, until the world ended...

This is an introductory RPG game for new and experienced players alike, using the free Fantasy Grounds Software. See the details for more information. I will be using the RIFTS: Chaos Earth RPG.

Any questions, please follow the link below. Hope to see you there.

Google Event Page: Christmas Apoc

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