Sunday, May 1, 2016

Some of the Big Kickstarters I am happy to support!

Well, this spring has been a busy spring for me! For what ever reason, the stars aligned and 3 of my favorite genres became available on Kickstarter!

For those that don't know, I love 3 basic settings in roleplaying, Weird War, Sword and Sorcery and Sci- Fi. I am currently running (from popular demand from the google+ community) a Savage Worlds, Beast and Barbarians series called Bloody Sands. Next Episode scheduled for May 21st at 0001 GMT on Google Hangouts.

The Beast and Barbarians games I am running is a warm up for me for when I get the Conan books for later this year.

But till then, lots more to play and do.. I need your help, swing by my Google+ Page and vote on what type of Savage Worlds one shot you guys would like to play.

Vote here and help "The JollyGM"

Well.. We all know the success of the Conan Kickstarter by Modiphius

We all know that Savage Worlds: Weird Wars 1 was also a success

And now, we all know Savage Worlds: Rifts is a guaranteed hit.

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