Saturday, May 7, 2016

"Where else will you find a drug enhanced cyborg ninja wielding a viking axe riding a dinosaur?"

Hi all!

So, being a person who grew up with the Rifts Megaverse and a person who has been requesting (pleading) for all of the Rifts books in PDF for years now, finally after many years PB released the official Ultimate book on PDF. They have been slowly releasing all the worldbooks on DTRG for awhile now. But the latest rule book is here.

Yes, I know that fact that the system is widely dated now, but the content, lore and background is just awesome. 

Seems like a good move to release this book around the same time as the Savage Worlds: Rifts Kickstarter. Still, I find the price point high for a PDF, I am sure in time it will be lowered but while the hot kickstarter is running (now at 270K plus), I do not expect it soon!

Rifts: Ultimate Edition

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