Tuesday, June 14, 2016

[FG Daze June 25th] Savage Battlestar: End Game!

Savage Battlestar: End Game

I will be running a one shot adventure set in the re imagined universe of Battlestar Galactica. Want to  play as a Colonial Viper Pilot? Want to blow the frack out of some Cylon toasters? If yes, then join us for free at Fantasy Grounds [FG-Daze} and play in my game or one of the many other systems being offered for free by some of the our communities "Ultimate License" Game Masters.

No experience required, show up, meet some new people, roll some dice, and most importantly have fun.

End Game will place you in the cockpit of the Viper MK VII during the opening salvo of the second Cylon war near the Scorpio shipyards.

I have room for 3 more pilots, anyone else want to try and save humanity? 

The Cylons had a plan. They succeeded... 

Game will be broadcasted live on my twitch channel "calacorm_"

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