Saturday, June 11, 2016

Savage Battlestar: Capital Ships Conversions Part IV

RIC "Cestus"

Size: 20 (Giant)
Acceleration: 30
Climb: -1
Top Speed: 300
Toughness: 64(25)
Crew: 600
Remaining Mods: 0
Cost: $255,500,000
    Armor x7
    Electromagnetic Shielding
    FTL Drive
    Missile Launcher x4
    Targeting System
    Torpedo Tubes x2
    Crew reduction X2
    Sensor Suite (Planetary)
Standard Weapons:
   Missile, Light x 48
   Missile, Heavy/AT x 16
   Torpedo, Heavy x 8
   Torpedo, Light x 16
Linked Weapons: 
   Mass Driver/Rail Gun Level 6 x2
   Cannons, Medium x2 (3 sets)
   Cannons, Heavy x2 (1 Set)
   Auto Cannons, Light x2 (6 Sets)

Cylon Base Star

Cylon Base Star

Size: 32 (Leviathan)
Acceleration: 20
Climb: -4
Top Speed: 200
Toughness: 70(20)
Crew: 20000
Remaining Mods: 6
Cost: $10,092,650,000

    Artificial Intelligence (Skills D10)
    Electromagnetic Shielding
    FTL Drive
    Missile Launcher x10
    Torpedo Tubes x10
    Targeting System
    Sensor Suite (Planetary)
Standard Weapons:
    Missile, Heavy/AT x 80
    Missile, Light x 120
    Torpedo, Heavy x 20
    Torpedo, Light x 40
Linked Weapons:    
 6 Quad Linked Auto Cannons, Light
 4 Quad Linked Auto Cannons, Medium
 4 Duel Linked Heavy Cannons

Game Note: Ship Construction.
It didn’t take me very long to realize that any ship over “Large” the design system starts to go kinda wonky. So, when it came to adding “superstructures” like hangers, medical bays, etc. So I just said Frack it. It’s got a hanger big enough for this, it’s all built in etc. Otherwise I would have massive giant ships that would have barely enough space to house a single squadron of fighters. So there is a little bit of GM FUDGE added to this.

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