Saturday, April 28, 2018

The 2D20 Conan Character Challenge! Wonder Woman

I was never a big Wonder Woman fan..  Even growing up, her comic book character never really did anything for me. Invisible Jet and all!!

Then, suddenly the movie comes out. Even with the very beautiful and talented Gal Gadot playing the role, I was not really all that hyped to see the movie. But I went.. and my view changed.. I fell in love with the this new revision of the character. In fact, I think its the only good one they did.. (Thats a whole nother blog sometime)

But the scene, where she jumps out of the trenches, charges into no mans land, and the German MGs open up on her.. you now the scene. And she is leaning into her shield deflecting the incoming rounds... You know what scene this is.... the best scene, EVER!!!!

This scene, turned me into a happy lets watch the movie type of guy, to HOLY Frack, they made me like a DC HERO!!! and its Wonder Woman Type of Guy!

Anyways, then today I see this on pinterest, and I heard of a Wonder Woman\Conan crossover comic book series before. But it didnt strike me till I saw this image. I really like it, so much in fact, I would like to see a character conversion of her as a Character of Renown in a 2D20 game.

So I want to challenge any of you 2d20 creative experts that are out there. Can some one stat out a Gal Gadot Wonder Woman for Conan 2D20? If so, I wanna see it! Even if its not remotely close to a REH pure vision of Conan and his world.

A 2D20 Amazonian Wonder Woman!

And now I need to find where I can ge the E Comic versions so I can start reading it!

Bring it! By Crom!

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