Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Play By Poll: Page 4. The Ruins of Re' Shar

Hi all!

Ok then, you asked for it.. lets make it happen!

You decide to walk through the dark gate. The roaring waterfall is crashing behind you. But as you pass between the large ornate structure it seems that everything is silenced, and you can no longer hear the water from the outside.

Ahead of you is a large stone chamber glowing a light fluorescent green. In the center a dais with a large stone altar with peculiar runes and carvings. Before the altar, stands the lone orange cloaked figure that you saw earlier by the waters edge. The contrast of the orange cloak and the green hue is stunningly powerful and bright.

As you approach, a deep female voice can be heard, but it seems like it is coming from all around you. You wonder if the chamber you are in is designed to modify the sounds in such a way to mask its direction?

The voice says..
"Welcome wanderer, I have been waiting for you since you have entered the valley"

You keep approaching the figure, as if compelled by some unknown force. "There are signs and portents which have harolded the coming of a stranger to the Ruins of Re' Shar. In my visions I have seen your face, wanderer. But I could not see your spirit.. till now"

Suddenly, and with unnatural speed, the figure starts gliding towards you, stopping just in front of you. Before you can even react, you notice withered hands reach up to pull back the hood. Frozen in shock and expecting to see some form of horrific visage, you try and withdraw. But you can not! Instead of some hideous face looking down at you, see darkness pouring towards you. And as if you are in a dream, the cloaked figure and the chamber is washed away in a flood of shadow and in front of you, see several bizarre images flashing before you. The images of indescribable creatures of  unimaginable horror and strange glowing ruins, flowing and drifting all around you in the drowning darkness.

The voice speaks again, drifting through the images which are floating in the inky blackness surrounding you. But the voice now more menacing, and darker then before become a strange chant of a language that you have never heard before. The images pulsate and change in shape and sizes, undulating with the sound and rhythm of the chanting. 

You feel something in your hand, cold and comforting. You realize it is you sword hilt. The chanting is now reaching a crescendo. The images dancing in your mind, dark, mysterious and probing. Like tentacles in reaching into your mind.

"Do not resist, to see the truth of your fate." The disembodied voice says

Do you ..

1) Resist and lash out with your sword?
2) Let the voice and images overtake your mind?

Stamina: (18)
Luck: (9) Now 8
Leather Armor
Long Sword
Provisions 2

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