Thursday, November 19, 2015

Rifts: The Plague

So after almost a year of no gaming at all, I managed to get two small sessions done and dusted in the last week. For fun, I kicked off a small Rifts adventure.

Here is a brief synopsis of the adventure thus far.

Session 1,

After years of being separated,  a father and his son become united after finding each other in the war torn and post apocalyptic Rifts Earth, its the year 112 PA, and the war with Tolkeen is over. The father, a True Atlantian Undead Slayer, Alistaire and the son, Theron a True Atlantian  Psi Slayer, who was kidnapped while just a infant, try and make up lost time and reconnect.

After several weeks of travelling on foot, the two try and make their way to a trading post located north of Lake Superior. The evening prior to arriving, the two stumble onto a campfire with 4 cloaked individuals on the side of the old road. Both of them are suspicious, as they approach. The sitting figures turn out to be decoys, as the real individuals charge out from their hiding spot. These men, covered in boils and sores quickly charge the father and son, but soon find themselves sorely outmatched, as three of the four are cut down.

Theron, gets close and personal, cleaving one bloated soul clean in two with a vibro sword, its guts and bowls spray over him in the process.

The fourth, yelling in a crazed madness turns and runs into the forest, escaping death due to a malfunctioning pistol.

Alistaire and Theron, inspect the bodies and find that the 3 of them are covered in strange, bleeding sores from head to toe. They are quickly burned and the two make camp for the night, in hopes to reaching the trading post by noon the next day.

Session 2,

The two wake up the next day, but Theron didnt sleep all that well and was feeling sore from sleeping on the ground. The two set off and make towards the trading post. Several hours later, they find the large outpost, run by a old aged partially reconstructed cyborg treasure seeking techno hound, known by the locals as Gearz.

Theron, getting to the outpost needs to take a break as he finds himself very sore and is finding it difficult to walk and quickly discovers that he has several of these blood boils over his feet and legs and fears he was infected. He tried to heal himself using his powers which ends up not helping. He tells Alistaire of the problem, and they quickly look for help in the trading post. Unwittingly infecting at least two other people.

After some talk, they meet up with Gearz, who informs them that in the last several weeks more and more reports of this disease is starting to appear. Rumors tell them that the disease usually clears up after about a week or more, but most people die from the blood loss from the broken blisters and infection. The only treatment is very strong, very rare antibiotics. None of which Gearz has on hand.

Oddly enough, the morning of the twos arrival, Gearz's daughter, Sarah took a small team north west, several hours away to investigate an old ruined city, in hopes to find this rare medicine. Gearz promises to help, and tells the two to spend the night outside of the marketplace as Sarah is expected back the next day. They agree, and make camp for the night.

The next morning, Theron is covered in even more of these "Blood Boils" and is starting to show some serious signs of not feeling well. Alistaire checks back with Gearz and discovers that Sarah did not report back as expected, nor did she make contact at the pre arranged time with her father. Alistaire and Theron agree to go north to see if they can meet up with Sarah on her return, in hopes to get any of the medication she may have, more sooner then later.

After several hours drive, they find a abandoned tractor trailer, which is presumed to be Sarahs on the outside of the ruins. Theron, not risking taking any more damage from his sores which burst when pressure is applied,  decides to stay behind in the ATV, as Alistaire moves in on foot to investigate the truck.

When he gets to the truck, he discovers several large claw marks on the side of the vehicle, and inside the cab is the torn body of the driver. He then hears a thud behind him, and turns to find another rent body, with large gashes in his torso laying in a heap, 30 feet from him. A body that was not there a moments ago.

Using his ability to see the invisible, he quickly sees a large humanoid, dog like creature, with blood dripping from its jaws standing over the the lifeless form, staring directly at him.

Session 3..

Some time next week :)

Rifts: Fantasy Grounds Style

The Creature!

+Shannon Davis 

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