Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Conan Kickstarter - WOW!!! What an experience! Theme for Fun!

Wow, what else is there to say about Modiphius's latest kickstarter?

Just wow!

Anyways, to help me deal with the withdrawal of not getting updates every few hours, or checking the status of the campaign, I figured I put my energies to good use.

So for a laugh I got the idea of making another Conan Themed Extension for Fantasy Grounds.  But this time, call it the Kickstarter Edition.

Here is my current work in progress, I just wiped this together in a few hours, I still have lots of work left to do on it.

Figured I share the image of it here, see if there any opinions that you would like to add or suggest. But I wish I had a better image of the Doom Pit and the Conan Logo, and I still need to dress up the Sidebar buttons as I not very fussy with how they look, still need to add more depth and shadow I think. But I was only able to work with what I could save from the kickstarter pages. Anyways.. let me know! Thanks!

Anyways, once I get this finished, I need to find out if I will be able to share this with others? If any of you out there can actually tell me that answer, feel free to leave a comment below.

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