Tuesday, January 24, 2017

What Scale Do You Use?

In the last few years, my roleplaying has become nearly 100% virtual. Which means my large collection of miniatures ranging from bucket loads of WH40K minis to buckets full of white metal 15mm miniatures have become primarily forgotten about. 🙁

And seeing that I have been home from work for an unprecedented amount of time due to an unfortunate rock climbing accident and it may be even be longer now then expected. I decided to break out my airbrush again and start working on a few of the many unfinished projects on my work bench.

Then I got to thinking, I see many people using various miniatures for gaming and I wanted to ask what scale you use and why?

Me, I used to use 25mm (40k) but i found that game areas still took up a lot of space, so I decided to start using 15mm and then to 6mm. I find that these two scales work pretty well for RPGs. 15mm and 6mm minis the prices are unbelievable cheap plus there is almost a unlimited amount of minis styles you can buy from all over the place.

I like 15mm the most as it gives me enough detail to paint to satisfy my hobby painting and crafting side of me, plus I can build fairly large battlemaps in a fairly small space.

For example here is a full city block I made for 15mm scale which i seldomly get to use now.

But what scale do you use? And tell me why in the comments below!

Click here to see how the project worked

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