Saturday, December 6, 2014

Black Crusade: Working list of things to fix on the ruleset for FGII

Hi all..

I figured what I would do, is keep a list of things I am trying to work on, known bugs or what ever here. That way, if you find something, you can also leave a comment below and I can add it to the list.

Currently Known Issues for V4.05
Things not working right
  1. Mighty Shot: Still works as Pre Black Crusade. (Status: Working on it)
  2. Crushing Blow: Still works as Pre Black Crusade. (Status: Working on it)
  3. Flamer Template: The pointer currently draws a 45* cone, not a 30* as per the rulebook. (Status: Working on it but there is an extension created to solve problem, see note below)
  4. Primitive Weapons: Currently it still doubles your Armor Value, not max damage roll of 7 as per Black Crusade rules
  5. Item Bug: If a weapon has a field left blank, either in the description or on the weapon page, there is a good chance you may get an error.. Do not know why it does that.. but just fill it in with a letter or a number and the issue goes away.

Wishlist Items:
1) Zealous Hatred: Somehow automate dice rolling for this ability.
2) Drag and Drop Talents and Traits

Thats it for now, I am sure there will be more added over time. Remember leave a comment if you find something.

Screen Shot of V4.03

Fixed Items:

  1. Felling: Working properly
  2. Unnatural Stats PC and NPC: Working Properly
  3. Force Fields: Working Properly
  4. Grid Units: Now marked in 1 meter per square.

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