Monday, December 8, 2014

How to use the Black Crusade and Deathwatch Mods?

Hi all.

Figured I would go ahead and try to explain some of the features of these two mods.

The very first thing I am going to share is a link to a post that contains a PDF that is a the user manual for the original mod that was made by Sciencephile from the Fantasy Grounds community who made the Dark Hersey mod.

Many of the features that were included in Dark Hersey are the same for Deathwatch, and how stuff works is also the same. If you read this, you will be well on your way for understanding all the automations for both the rulesets that I converted.


Other then cosmetic changes, there was just a few things I changed in the workings for this ruleset vs the Dark Hersey ruelset. But there is one major difference I need to let everyone know about.

I removed the Refractor Field, Conversion Field and the Displacement field commands and replaced them with the 3 Force field effects to be in line with the Iron Halo, Combat Shield, and Storm Shield.
Just remember, these commands are case sensitive. They also all have the correct percentages too. The new status commands are:
  1. IHALO
And I also added "Renown" in as a stat for player characters. I know its not really a stat, but I figured it was the best place for it.

Black Crusade

Here, I had to make a few changes to how things worked so it was inline with the rules to Black Crusade. Ill go through them in point form.

  1. Unnatural Strength and Toughness. These are no longer multipliers, these are now straight up additions. So, in this mod you total up your UC bonus and add that to the UC box. Then, that number plus your regular bonus is then tallied. Example: So if you have str 40 and 5 UC str. it will now add to 9.
  2. I corrected the percentages for the 3 original force fields status: The Refractor Field, Conversion Field and the Displacement fields to be inline with Black Crusade
  3. Added Terminator Force Field effect "TERMI" Added in v4.04
  4. I had to correct the Felling ability of weapons, this number now subtracts from any UC Toughness bonus.
  5. I added the Infamy stat to the player characters sheets. (I am undecided if I should add it to the NPCs, I figured its not really needed for them)
  6. I also added an area for your corruption points to be tracked.
So, there are a few other things, but this is the most important for you all to be aware about. Download that manual I mentioned at the beginning. It explains a lot!

Hope you enjoy it! 

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