Saturday, February 14, 2015

Moving Forward.. A Tribute

Hi all..

  This year did not start out as all the way I wanted it too for gaming. Sometimes life has other plans and forces you to go in other directions then where you had intended.

  The biggest setback, life event, that completely took the wind out of my sails was the loss of my father on Feb 14th. It was not so much the shock of his passing that got me, but the journey we all had to take to see his passing through. Needless to say, my creative energies in the past month and my desire to play games was somewhat gone.

  As with all things like this, and for each of us a different journey we have to take when dealing with a loss of someone you loved and looked up too. I slowly started to do what my father would want me to do and push through adversity and learn from it and grow stronger from it.

My dad was, in my mind, one of the few actual real life Indiana Jones characters, an avid old school woodsman, a fur trapper, part time archaeologist and a full time wildlife artist.You can check out an independent obit here from Elfshot.

But my father always had a desire to be creative, to learn, to tell stories and to always just have fun. He was a good example of what a good person should be. And he would not be a type person who stopped doing the things he loved when bad things in life happened, he would be the type of person who worked harder at the things he loved till the bad times are past.

So, just the other day someone mentioned to me that they were kinda of surprised that I would be back wanting to GM games so soon after an event like that in my life. I thought about what they said for sometime and I started to wonder if I should take more time. But then I realized, that in order for me to move on I need to do the things I like to do. I need to play games, I need to go hiking and I need to go climbing.

So to honor my late father I am going to keep moving forward, the way he taught me. Hence why I am throwing my hat into FG-Con again this year with 3 games over 3 nights. (My 3rd game, yet to be announced but its coming) and I am also going to have and open invite to a Savage Worlds: Play by Post Necropolis game on soon to be active in the coming week.

I have made a decision that I will do the things that I like to do, and I will enjoy my gaming and hobbies again. So, I would like to have you all around to share.

So lets go roll some dice. :)

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