Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Savage Worlds and RPOL.net: Open Invitation To Play.

Hi All..

I just found out that the rig that I work on will be making a cruise across the North Atlantic to somewhere in Europe in the near future. This all inclusive cruise is going to be close to 30+ something days, maybe longer. During this trip I will have very limited internet access, if any. But I am going to hope for the best.

If it goes the way it did for me on my last voyage, I will have basic slow satellite access. So.. I want to stay active in my GMing, so I am thinking about playing some Savage Worlds on RPOL.net

I have been using RPOL.net off and on for many years and I figured this could be a good spot to do it, as it allows me to play using minimum online bandwidth, which is good.  But I always enjoyed playing games on RPOL, I like the stories that the players end up telling in their own words.

So, for my fellow club mates at SXG and anyone who follows my blog I would like to extend the invitation to participate in a play by post Savage Worlds game (Game yet to be determined) on rpol.net. But right now, it could be either a Weird Wars, Necropolis or even some Post Apoc style game.

So, for those interested, feel free by commenting on this post.

This game will be open for as little as 2+ people to as many of you who would like to join.

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