Saturday, February 14, 2015

Play By Post: Savage Worlds: Necropolis: Open Invite

This is an open invite game to the group at SXG and to any of those who might follow my gaming blog.

This is a savage worlds: Necropolis game with an open play style. Meaning, you guys will be helping me GM the game based on your descriptions you post.

The idea, is for all of the players to be feeding off one another as we play the game. I will provide basic info and settings and you guys as you act and move fill in the details.

I plan on using my blog in conjunction with this site to post pictures, and write overviews of the game for everyone to read as we progress through out the adventure. 

Like most play by post games, combat usually bogs down the game as people wait for others to act first. How will I keep this game moving? I will be using a hidden move system.

I make a post and describe the scene, INI order and all the players will get 24 hours to talk chat in the room provided to come up with an idea of what they want to do. Then, on the second day everyone does their own posts, rolls their dice rolls and will private msg me their moves and descriptions. I will then work out what happened in ini order and than describe that rounds events. So, if it works the way I envision it, 48 hours per combat round..  So yeah, like real life we may have someone doing running into a room when someone else decides to chuck a frag into that same room.But if you do not send me a txt saying the characters actions, the character will be skipped. Simple..

Character Creation:

I am going to keep this as simple as possible, for my own sake. If you are just joining this game, you will get a brand new basic level character that comes direct from the book. "No can I do this instead" stuff. Basic rules, level 1, Savage Worlds Deluxe rules and anything thing in the Players guide for Necropolis.

To make life simple for those who do not have any of the books, I will provide basic pregens, all you need to do is give it a name and a story and he is ready to go.

Other then that, get this ball rolling.

Feel free to head over to and look for a game by searching for GM Name "ShotGun_Jolly"and the filter (active but not seeking new players). I am doing it this way so only people who read my blog or follow me have access. Find me and send me a RTJ (Request to Join) Hope to see you there.

Search Results - Active Games
Game NameGMGenresPostsLast PostGame System
SXG: Necropolis 2350: Dead RunShotGun_JollyFuture, Horror, Sci-Fi215:43, TodaySavage Worlds

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