Monday, December 22, 2014

The Cast: Visions Of Destruction

Pregenerated Characters for the upcoming adventure: 

Thadiaus: Chosen Chaos Space Marine

Thadiaus, is a true chaos space marine. He was born on the world of Xurunt in the Screaming Vortex, where the peoples are cold and merciless. Captured during a raid by a war-band known as the Brazen Claws, he was pressed ganged into service and joined the ranks of the Brazen Claws and forced to undergo the harsh test and surgeries to become a Chaos Space Marine.

Thadiaus, excels in combat and loves the rush he gets while engaged in melee.  He recently departed the Brazen Claws in search of glorious combat after he felt that his chapter was weak and not worthy of a warrior as great as he will eventually become. All will know his name and tremble in his sight!

Gorgon: Forsaken Chaos Space Marine

Gorgon, once a proud member of the Astartes. His formal chapter "Golden Eagles" was sent on the Crusade into the eye of terror, when their chapter master was found to have been corrupted by Chaos and executed by the Holy Church of Terra. It was during this ill fated crusade that, most of his brothers were killed or lost. But, during this time Gorgon discovered that the Chapter Master was never corrupted, but it was the high ranking church officials that were tainted. His master was setup and executed, by orders of the church.

Gorgon vowed to have vengeance for his brothers and his master and has made it his mission in life to expose and destroy the false church for what it is, and restore honor to memory of the Golden Eagles.

Ardent The Vile: Chaos Space Marine Sorcerer

Ardent is a devoted follower of the powers of the warp. Once a devote member of the Astartes Chapter the "Ultramarines" he killed his own master when he felt that his master was trying to hold him back from true greatness.

After the murder, Ardent made his way to the Screaming Vortex in search for great  arcane power. The powers of the warp can be harnessed and he will wield it, even if his quest will lead him to his doom.

Sasha Tequin: Renegade

Sasha was a medic with the Cadian regiment of the Imperial Guard. She was a stout defender and fearless when under fire performing emergency care to the fallen around her.

She recently went AWOL, when after a senseless battle with the xenos "Nids". When many belonging to her regiment were slaughtered when exposed to vile toxic spores.  She remarkably was unscathed by the toxins. She has become obsessed as to why she was not killed. Her quest for answers as to why she was unaffected has led her to the Screaming Vortex.

Bre Anna WyildStar: Chaos Psyker

Bre was a brash young girl, when she fled her homeworld of the Piety of Seth, when it was discovered that she had strange powers. Her family instantly disowned her, and she was branded as a witch by the local church dioceses and was about to be cleansed. She escaped, when she somehow manged to convince a Rogue Trader to take her from the planet.

Over the years of being alone, and rejected she has grown bitter and has learned to hate the Imperium of Man and the church that goes along with it.  She vows that her home world will someday rue the day that they cast her out.

Athore Calron'Bri: Apostate

Athore is a high ranking official in the Arbites Administration. Althore, has become aware that his position allows him to enjoy some of the "finer" things of life. Having sway in such an organization as the Arbites, he  has learned to use his power to gain favors, drugs and other items of enjoyment to sample from the vaults of holding.

Using his position, he has been travelling the galaxy looking for new and undiscovered pleasures. His latest indulgences has led him to the Screaming Vortex where he seeks to get "more bang for his buck."

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Black Crusade: Visions of Destruction Teaser. An SXG exclusive.

You wonder what lower level of the Hells you have descended into while you are standing in front of the Oracle of the Blind Eye.  Summoned specifically to stand before her, she claims to have had a vision, a vision that shows you as a force wrecking havoc and sowing the seeds chaos on the Imperium Shrine World known as "The Piety of Seth"

When she speaks, a soft, cool and shifting sounding voice seems to float out from the shrouded figure, her face cloaked in shadow.

A great adversary of mine is about to be executed by the church of the dead emperor. It would be a shame that such a death should go wasted in the hands of the fake church of man. His death has a purpose, and you are the executioners. Great change is about to take place, and I have foreseen it!

The year of chaos begins 830pm EST January 9th, 2015
Sign up at the SXG website.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Cone template Problem with the 40K Black Crusade mod.

For those savvy FGII, XML and LUA people

As you can tell, I am not going to give up trying to figure this problem. See the link for the description? The Problem So Far...

Anyone able to tell me what it is I am doing wrong?

Only the start and end points of the 30* cone appear!

Need some help!

Monday, December 8, 2014

How to use the Black Crusade and Deathwatch Mods?

Hi all.

Figured I would go ahead and try to explain some of the features of these two mods.

The very first thing I am going to share is a link to a post that contains a PDF that is a the user manual for the original mod that was made by Sciencephile from the Fantasy Grounds community who made the Dark Hersey mod.

Many of the features that were included in Dark Hersey are the same for Deathwatch, and how stuff works is also the same. If you read this, you will be well on your way for understanding all the automations for both the rulesets that I converted.


Other then cosmetic changes, there was just a few things I changed in the workings for this ruleset vs the Dark Hersey ruelset. But there is one major difference I need to let everyone know about.

I removed the Refractor Field, Conversion Field and the Displacement field commands and replaced them with the 3 Force field effects to be in line with the Iron Halo, Combat Shield, and Storm Shield.
Just remember, these commands are case sensitive. They also all have the correct percentages too. The new status commands are:
  1. IHALO
And I also added "Renown" in as a stat for player characters. I know its not really a stat, but I figured it was the best place for it.

Black Crusade

Here, I had to make a few changes to how things worked so it was inline with the rules to Black Crusade. Ill go through them in point form.

  1. Unnatural Strength and Toughness. These are no longer multipliers, these are now straight up additions. So, in this mod you total up your UC bonus and add that to the UC box. Then, that number plus your regular bonus is then tallied. Example: So if you have str 40 and 5 UC str. it will now add to 9.
  2. I corrected the percentages for the 3 original force fields status: The Refractor Field, Conversion Field and the Displacement fields to be inline with Black Crusade
  3. Added Terminator Force Field effect "TERMI" Added in v4.04
  4. I had to correct the Felling ability of weapons, this number now subtracts from any UC Toughness bonus.
  5. I added the Infamy stat to the player characters sheets. (I am undecided if I should add it to the NPCs, I figured its not really needed for them)
  6. I also added an area for your corruption points to be tracked.
So, there are a few other things, but this is the most important for you all to be aware about. Download that manual I mentioned at the beginning. It explains a lot!

Hope you enjoy it! 

40k for Everyone! Deathwatch and Black Crusade FGII mods

For those who want to play 40k RPGs on some VTT software. Specifically Deathwatch and Black Crusade. They are now available here for you Fantasy Grounds users!

With lots of thanks to the people on the FG Forums, A 30* cone flamer can now be drawn on the map with the use of the extensions located in the above link. Just note, that these extensions will not work if you have the "Enhanced Images" extension for CORE also activated.

Ill be making a spot soon to report any bugs for Deathwatch like I have done for Black Crusade.

Black Crusade v4.5

Deathwatch v4.0

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Black Crusade: Working list of things to fix on the ruleset for FGII

Hi all..

I figured what I would do, is keep a list of things I am trying to work on, known bugs or what ever here. That way, if you find something, you can also leave a comment below and I can add it to the list.

Currently Known Issues for V4.05
Things not working right
  1. Mighty Shot: Still works as Pre Black Crusade. (Status: Working on it)
  2. Crushing Blow: Still works as Pre Black Crusade. (Status: Working on it)
  3. Flamer Template: The pointer currently draws a 45* cone, not a 30* as per the rulebook. (Status: Working on it but there is an extension created to solve problem, see note below)
  4. Primitive Weapons: Currently it still doubles your Armor Value, not max damage roll of 7 as per Black Crusade rules
  5. Item Bug: If a weapon has a field left blank, either in the description or on the weapon page, there is a good chance you may get an error.. Do not know why it does that.. but just fill it in with a letter or a number and the issue goes away.

Wishlist Items:
1) Zealous Hatred: Somehow automate dice rolling for this ability.
2) Drag and Drop Talents and Traits

Thats it for now, I am sure there will be more added over time. Remember leave a comment if you find something.

Screen Shot of V4.03

Fixed Items:

  1. Felling: Working properly
  2. Unnatural Stats PC and NPC: Working Properly
  3. Force Fields: Working Properly
  4. Grid Units: Now marked in 1 meter per square.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Fantasy Grounds: Black Crusade Rule Set Available..and just updated to V4.02

Hi all!

I am finally comfortable enough to let this go to the masses. But I have managed to update the Dark Heresy rule set into a Black Crusade rule set.

So I think I got all the things converted and working properly.. I think, but I have not played tested it that much. So, if you guys want to download it, and want to tell me what you think, then please do. I can use all the help I can take on stuff like this.

I know of one thing I have yet to be able to make properly and that is a 30* cone pointer.. I need some help on that..

Anyways, please enjoy the Black Crusade Rule Set..   V4.04 <-- Link to FGII Website

Best Regards


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Making you feel for an NPC

First, forgive me. I am writing this short post from my tablet.  Its been a long rough day at work so I figured I would calm my nerves by sharing a tip I have for you GMs out there.

In the past when I actually planned long campaigns, what I would do is run several short term, one shot games as I try and get a flavor on what works and what doesnt in my what I call "My Rough Draft".  So, I create a pile of Pregens for my players to choose from, and let them go wild.  Each time they play a game they could pick the same character or pick a new one and try something else.  Usually,  over a course of 2 or 3 games, some players get conected to a particular character.  Which is good.

When it comes time for the campaign to start, players create there own characters and head out in the world. Ok, so what? Well you have a pile of pregens  not being used. Well, they all become NPCs with back stories,  that have been technically written by your players. Playing these NPCs  in the same manner as they were played by their previous owners, using the past games as the actual history of these characters instantly creates a bond between them and your players. So when witnessing the death of this NPC, or being betrayed by one of them makes the sting even more tangible

And that is how I get players to feel for their NPC friends a little more.  Maybe others do this, but id thought I would share.

Jolly :-)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

FG- Con: Synopsis And Event Review.

FG Con: Synopsis

Wow... Did I ever have fun! For my first time ever really breaking with tradition of playing games with my own group and reaching out and playing games with complete strangers, it was a great experience!

I was nervous at first, you know. That nagging feeling deep inside you wondering if this group will respond the way your normal group would, if they would have fun, even wondering if they could understand me... But it didn't take long before I was wrapped up in the event, and all those fears disappeared.

I was a little tentative this time, I only hosted one session, and I managed to get to a few events and participate. But the biggest thing for me, was that I was able meet some new players and a few of which joined me in some of my own games in the following weeks. But next time, I think I will try and host a few more games.

For me, there were several key factors as to why I enjoyed it so much.

  1. The way it was organized. There were a lot of volunteers who worked behind the scenes to make this such a great event!
  2. Obviously, Fantasy Grounds and SmiteWorks.. its pretty cool when a company will give free access to a program for a week to allow people to be a part of this..  
  3. Being invited to be a part of a great group of people at The Society of Extraordinary Gamers.  Another really well organized club! Cool thing about this group is that its well supported, AND there are people from all over the world.. What a resource of information and ideas!
  4. And lastly, it was full of people who just wanted to have fun. Awesome!

My Event: Weird Wars II: The Forgotten Beach

Now, lets talk about my event. So warning, spoilers ahead.

So, the basic concept of this game was during D Day, several companies were pulled off the assault at Omaha Beach to attack another beach called Atlas. The mission was cryptic and rushed. Hit the beach, secure an old french chapel in where several high ranking SS officers were recently spotted by French resistance.

The opening scene pretty much consisted of the guys in the Higgins Boats fighting off bouts of nausea as they were heading in. As they reached the beach, the squads jumped from the boats and landed in a hellish warzone of barbed wire, criss crossing fire, explosions, the works. One of the players, a medic did a fantastic job keeping the men alive. He also went well above my expectations and kept "Many" of the "Extra" squad members alive. Who's sole intention was to soak up bullets for the players.

Not long after being on the beach they all noticed strange sights, as ghostly images of fallen comrades started to appear which seemed like they then got hauled from the dying bodies inland towards the chapel. All at the same time, a thick fog bank was forming on the battlefield. After surviving the beach, they charged up to the gun emplacements while doing so, ran into the forming fog. 

When they exited the other side of the fog, they found themselves in a barren, war torn no mans land. Sounds of battle on the beach seemed distant and far away. They found bodies in the mud,soldiers in uniforms from the first World War. 

Not long after, they heard people running towards them, shapes in the mist.. So they opened up and fired only to discover they were US soldiers running towards the beach.. After making a couple of fear checks they recovered and kept moving, looking for the chapel.

During the journey inland they found an old trench system, which was more twisted and oddly designed, filled with barbed wire which seemed to reach out and grab at people passing by. They also found a person cowering in the mud, shaken scared and near insane. A German scientist who when interrogated explained how the SS paranormal divisions were doing experiments and was using a device called a Soul Magnet, which would collect the souls of people sacrificed to power a gate in which they could summon powerful entities. The one thing they didnt take into account was the day of the assault, the 1000's of people getting killed supercharged the gate and ripped a hole in the fabric between the dimensions.
They then came to the chapel which was twisted and warped. While being attacked from various hellish creatures the group entered into chapel and destroyed the soul magnet, causing the chapel to implode. People went running for cover, while several of the players could not escape in time and got sucked into the gate. The rest were able to get out and when they exited the fog, found themselves standing on the top of the bluffs overlooking the beach, on the day of the battle just moments before the initial waves of Higgins boats were to hit the shore.. and thats where the adventure ended.

Funny thing about this, is I screwed up the ending of the game. I had my notes, and there were 3 outcomes.. #1 they shut the gate and survive, #2 They shut the gate and die, #3 They do not shut the gate and all die. Outcomes were determined based on certain things that happened through out the game.

Final Thoughts

I messed up my notes at the very end, as we were about 20 mins over my allotted time of the game. What should have happened was this..  

Remember the squad that the players mowed down? No one checked to see who they were. They just saw the patches on the arms and noticed it was people from the same company as the players. Now fast forward to the end, while the survivors were running from the imploding chapel. As they were running towards the beach, they would have seen a squad of soldiers in front of them who would have opened fired and killed them all.  As they were laying on the ground I was suppose to describe that they were looking up at themselves standing above the now dying players..  In essence, they shot themselves. But oh well.

But, regardless, we all had some fun. I had learned a valuable lesson. Never under estimate the desire for players to keep "Extras" alive in squad based games.. There is power in numbers!

Looking forward to the next FG Con!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Savage Battlestar: So say we all!!

“Sometimes, you have to roll a hard six.” – Adama

   So, I decided that this winter I wanted to do some few sci fi themed games. I have the FFG Star Wars rpgs, but its not the gritty Sci Fi that I love! Now, do not get me wrong I love Star Wars but I wanted something more rough.

  I was then going to run a Black Crusade game or two, but not yet.. I want some more time to digest the darkness that comes with that setting. And again, although (very) dark its still not the type of grit I am looking for.

  So then what? It struck me.. Battlestar Galactica. I love this show.. by far the best sci fi television show to hit the airways in the last 15 years (IMHO). Great writing, great actors and (from a gamers perspective) a great opportunity for story telling.

  I would have liked to use the Cortex system (Margret Weiss) that I own, that the BSG rpg was made for. But I wanted to go with a more simple, faster system. So out came the Savage Worlds ruleset and the new Sci Fi Companion and away I went.

  The BSG universe is left wide open too, we only know of the survivors that followed the Galactica. But what about the others that survived? other planets, other people? other star ships? Oh the stories we can tell!

At the very bottom of this blog, I have embedded a video of a montage of all the battle scenes from all the shows. Its 10 minutes of per awesomeness! If you never watched the series yet, then watching this should make you want too. And if you are in to Sci Fi rpgs, then holy crap, look out!

I am looking forward to running a few games in this universe. Maybe I will be lucky enough to have some of you join in on the fun?

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Weird Wars II: The Forgotten Beach Teaser

Click below to join the fight at FG-Con.
Weird Wars II: The Forgotten Beach Teaser

A commanding voice can be heard coming from the front of the audience. A high ranking US officer can been seen walking in front of a large wall map on the stage in front of you.

"Men, your mission is Atlas." He pointed to a section on the left side of the map. "Atlas is a small beach in which the Nazis have just recently reinforced." He walked back to the other side of the stage. "We have reason to believe that an old french chapel in this area has been converted into a key communications hub and there have been reports of several high ranking SS officers in this area." He looked around "So high ranking in fact, they have seen fit to take 3 Companies off of Omaha and send you here." He tapped the spot with his pointing stick.

He walked back to the center of the stage again. "Men, high command has tasked us with storming this beach, clear the trench defense and take out the German battery, then press on and capture that chapel" he paused for a second. "We have not been authorized to engage the chapel with navel bombardment, so you will have no fire support once you clear the defenses."

"Men.. Good Luck! He turned and walked off the stage.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Weird Wars II: The Forgotten Beach. June 6th 1944 (A Shameless Advertising Plug)

Warning!!! You are about to read: 
A shameless self promoting plug for recruitment to my FG-Con adventure.

Intro to the plug!

Ok, So I am little new to the online community of roleplaying. Yes, I have been around for years, asking silly little questions about functions, features, and rulesets on FGII. But I am completely new when it comes to joining an online community of fellow RPG gamers who I am complete strangers with and actually playing games with said individuals.

I can say all types of things to self promote, about how long I have been roleplaying, all the collections I own, all the games I have played, blah blah and more blah.

I also accept, that when it comes to FG-Con or other similar online roleplaying events, people who know you or played with you before will be advantageous to getting players to join. Something which I am working hard to counteract cause not many people out there in the online world have played in my games before.

Here comes the plug!

Thing is, if you want to play a game that involves guns, massive explosions,  and horror and want to share that experience with others around the virtual table, feel free to register for FG-Con  and join my game, or maybe you know someone who is interested in roleplaying then feel free to share this post with them.

So what do you have to lose by joining my game? The worst, maybe a few hours of your life, the best of the worst, the countless souls of those you are trying to save.

But I want to focus on the best that can happen if you join my game. You have fun, meet a few new players, and again, lose the countless souls you are trying to save!

I have two willing volunteers already.. I have room for 3 more.. why not enlist today, and storm that beach.

This has been a unpaid service announcement

Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno, and Sword. All names of the famous beaches fought on during the Normandy invasion on the one of the most important days in the history of mankind. But what ever happened to the invasion force on Atlas Beach? Scrubbed from the history books, purged from the records, what became of the soldiers and survivors on that cold beach on that day June 6th 1944? Share their stories, feel their pain, experience the true and unnatural horrors that thrive on death and war.
Inspired by the 1970's DC Comic Books "Weird Wars Tales"

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Tale of Four: The Dark Portal.

Not that long ago I got one of the biggest shocks of my life...

 My sister in law, her husband, my brother in law and his significant other all approached me one day and asked me if I would be willing to play a role playing game with them. Now, the age difference between me and the oldest of the group and the youngest range from 15 to 20 years of age. The two inlaws and their significant others never once in their lives played any form of tabletop RPG. In fact, the closest experience they had was from watching a episode of "Community"  or something. And they all got together and thought it would be a fun thing to try out.

So, what did they do? They came to me, as I am the resident "game geek" of the family so.. what did I do.. I said sure.. why the hell not?

So, what did I decide to do with them? Well they wanted to capture a fantasy game feel. So, I decided to run a fantasy game using savage worlds as the ruleset. Now, they had no idea about what to be or play so I decided to give them full reign on the story and I told them that what ever they wanted to be, just tell me. Ill pre gen the characters for them, so all they had to do was show up. So, they all got together and came up with a story each and then presented it to me.

I cant recall the character names, I really cant.. But I am sure one of them was as silly as Princess Bunny Ears, or some other foolishness. But I knew I was in for a ride as a GM, when they told me what they all wanted to be. A male assassin, a male centaur, a female half elf and a female naga.

A Naga and a Centaur? Really!? starting out in their very first game, 2 of them wanted to be something totally outside of the box? OMG! But all thing considered, it was their game, they really wanted to play it, so I kept my comments and concerns to myself and decided to run with it. I made each of their characters and presented them on the game night. They were thrilled.

Next, I had to figure out how such a band of misfits got together in the first place. Well, if its not in a A) tavern somewhere. It is  B) in a cell/jail of some sort. So for fun I picked option B, and away I went.

What I am about to tell you, is a story of 4 new players in a game in which I made up on the fly with no prep work or pre game design..


The Tale of Four: The Dark Portal.

The four members started to come around. The last they remember was answering the call for volunteers to help fight back the massive orc hordes from the north. On the road to the castle, they were waylaid by thugs, drugged and then end up waking up in a jail cell.

It didn't take long for them to feel the motion of the ocean, and they determined they were on a vessel of some sort. After luring the brig guard into a trap and tricking him to set them free, the group make an attempt to flee. They quickly find out that they are on a slave ship, and try to start to rescue the slaves. Suddenly the slave ship was set upon by a Kraken, and giant tentacles start raking the ship.

The group quickly realize that they have no gear and no way to defend themselves,  so they run to the top of the deck to look for equipment, only to see the ships crew fighting against the beast. They make a run for the weapons locker to grab their weapons, only to be attacked by the angry sea slaver captain. While fighting off the Captain, and lopping off tentacles from the Kraken the group decide to abandon the vessel. Just in time too, the Kraken finally pulled the ship below the water along with crew and slaves alike!

After a few days adrift in the lifeboat they wash ashore a strange jungle island. Desperate to find food and water they discover a ruined walled village. After exploring they find clues saying that the villagers went into hiding from a strange attack that came through some sort of magical portal. After some more exploring, the group find out that this town was once the trade hub for the old world and used a series of dimensional gates to port their goods until one day, something else other then goods came through the ancient trade portal.

After finding the dried husked and webbed bodies of the villagers in an underground complex they inadvertently awaken the creatures that killed the villagers, giant mutated spiders! The group flee to where the trade portal was located, and try to activate it so they can escape the horde of spiders attacking them.

In a climatic battle, which ended up with the death of my NPC the group reactivated the portal and escaped the spider infested island..

And this is where this adventure ended... not knowing where they were going be on the other side of the portal.

End result... they loved it. And they look forward to the second adventure.
I find the trick to providing a good experience to first time players, is not to get them bogged down in game rules, but get them hooked on being in a story, making them forget they are around a table. As the games progress I'll slowly add more and more of the detailed rules. But starting off, let them do crazy things, make them feel heroic! I wish I was able to record the audio so you could of heard the cheers as they chopped off the final tentacle as they lowered the life boat!

It brought me back to the time when I got hooked on roleplaying games so many years ago. Good times. :-)

Friday, October 3, 2014

FG - Con, Here I Come; Weird Wars II: The Forgotten Beach


Thanks to the encouragement of members of SXG, and the volunteers at FG Con. I have decided to throw caution into the wind and try out my first online game convention.

So below is my proposed game event that I will be running..

So if you would like to experience some good old fashion Weird Wars Action, feel free to swing by the FG-Con Website and register for some heart pounding war time horror! All levels of experienced Welcome, Pre Gens provided. Pick up and Play! (or Die.. depends)

Weird Wars II: The Forgotten Beach
Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno, and Sword. All names of the famous beaches fought on during the Normandy invasion on the one of the most important days in the history of mankind. But what ever happened to the invasion force on Atlas Beach? Scrubbed from the history books, purged from the records, what became of the soldiers and survivors on that cold beach on that day June 6th 1944? Share their stories, feel their pain, experience the true and unnatural horrors that thrive on death and war.
Inspired by the 1970's DC Comic Books "Weird Wars Tales"

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Star Wars Edge of the Empire: Victims of Association.

Just recently I decided to update my RPG collection, so I decided to start collecting FFG's Star Wars Roleplaying game line.

With in just moments of reading through the books, I realized that these books were going to be sitting on my main bookshelf in my house. Do they ever look good! Wow.

Very soon after, I put my pen to paper and created my first adventure..

Victims of Association

The Cast:

Reevid - A Rodian assassin who was just recently removed from active duty with the rebellion for being somewhat of a loose canon, hired as protection for the crew of the Forgotten.

Jonas - A Chiss explorer who, along with Mav Wreeber lost 2 weeks of time and woke up in a deep rim medical research space station in which they had to escape with a stolen freighter.

Mav Wreeber - A Wroonian smuggler, who, when came aware that he was being held captive in a secrete medical research station broke out, stole a light YV-560 Freighter which he renamed to "The Forgotten"

Victims of Association

It has been a few months since Mav and Jonas had their ordeal with the strange and unknown scientist in a well hidden space station in the outer rim. In order to ensure they had some protection, they hired on Reevid as the hired muscle to help protect them on their "Business Trips"

Centerpoint Station

On their way back from a very legit, and strangely profitable cargo run carrying spare space fighter parts and medical supplies to a team of "archaeologists" in the Yavin system, in return picking up the return cargo as per the plan, headed back to Center Point Station in the Corellian system to a Twilik Goods Broker named Weenue Onan who traded in fine artifacts. Weenu had paid the group 3000 credits upon pick up of the medical supplies and parts for delivery to the Yavin system , and agreed to pay an addition 5000 credits when they returned with the artifacts.

Weenue Onan
Upon arrival to Centerpoint Station, the crew of The Forgotten were delayed in meeting up with Weenue at his place of work before close so ended up having wait for the evening before being able to collect their money for the job. They spent a night cavorting in the TecSec center making some more contacts for future work.

They run into Weenue in a local tavern having a conversation with a female Bothan who quickly left the scene before anyone could ask any questions. They convince him to pay them the money then, so they can offload the rest of the cargo and move on before the start of the next day. But for some reason, Weenue could not access his accounts via the local Cred station. He also promises them more work with another legit and easy run to take a passenger to Alderaan if they do not mind waiting an extra day. He  then asked them to return in the morning for the creds and the new job, and the group begrudgingly complied.

The next morning headed back to Weenue's shop only to find it barricaded by Imperial ISB agents and Storm Troopers. Staying in the crowd they see Weenue dragged off by the agents but also spot the same Bothan they saw the night before in the shadows. They quickly run and catch up to her to find out that the Bothan is a Rouge Slicer who was seeking discreet passage to planet of Alderaan to deliver a very important message, but found out through hacking Centerpoints Data Portal, pieced together that Weenue Onan was secretly running cargo for the Rebel Alliance and using common working freighter pilots to do the jobs unwittingly for him.


They also found out that the ISB had seized all of Weenue's assets and records and no doubt the groups name was on that list, along with the Bothan.

They had to escape off the station, but their faces were already known to security at this point and their ship was seized and locked down at the hanger bay. After being noticed, chased and shot at on their way back to their ship. The Bothan, "Tamaya" managed to disengage the tractor beams and force fields long enough for the crew to fight back the advancing Storm Troopers in the docking bay control room and make good their escape from Centerpoint,

During the rapid departure, The Forgotten took critical damage from colliding with various (everything) parts of the departure ramp and other structures but still managed to jump to hyperspace in the face of an Imperial Cruiser then patrolling the area.

They were now wanted by the Imperials for dealing goods with the rebellion and decided to flee. Making a quick stop at Alderaan  to drop of their Bothan slicer.

Its when they drop out of hyperspace they notice something was wrong. In the distant, they could see a strange station, the size of a small moon orbiting the planet of Alderaan.

And this is where the first episode ended..

Stay tuned....

Monday, September 29, 2014

It Only Takes One Blog to Start Off..

Hey all..

Jolly here from The Atlantic Wargamer
And yes, I am aware that I have not posted much this year in my minis blog.

Simple reason for that... I have not touched any of it for months. But fear not, that aspect of my life will be coming back soon, as I await the arrival of my Robotech Tactics Kickstarter items to arrive in which I have full intention of using for Tomorrows War.

But.. this blog here is not about Wargaming, its about my other hobby, Role Playing.

Our group, the GFW Gamers are always playing RPGs, so I figured I will keep a little record of those games from my perspective here on this page.

So coming very soon, some short stories of the adventures by me, The Jolly GM.

I also just recently got involved with the following group on Google+ Check them out!

+The Society of Extraordinary Gamers