Thursday, March 26, 2015

FG-Con: Savage Battlestar Galactica: Rise of the Phoenix Teaser

+++! Incoming Orders !+++

++++ Daily Mission Log Data File Transmission ++++

++++ Date: 2030.04.182015 +++++

++++ To: Commander Vince Day, XSSC Phoenix ++++

++++ Priority One Message: Order Change ++++

++++ Orders: The SSC Phoenix has be ordered to cease experimental space trials and jump immediately to the Scorpio Shipyards. Confirmed Cylon contact has been made and attack is under way. Your orders are to engage the enemy using all force required. +++++


+++ FTL Jump Orders Data Sequence ++++

+++ Combat FTL Status Jump sequence initiated +++

+++ Target Destination: Scorpio Shipyards Coordinates Confirmed +++

+++ Jumping in +++

+++ 5 +++

+++ Warning: Incoming Unknown Data Transmission Detected +++

+++ 4 +++

+++ Warning: Data file attack detected +++

+++ 3 +++

+++ Warning: Defense Mainframe Terminal Overwrite Error +++

+++ 2 +++

+++ Warning: Shutting Down Primary FTL Spool Drives +++

+++ 1 +++

+++ Warning: Critical Shut Down Sequence Can Not Engage. Conflicting Defense Network Commands: Combat Jump Override sequence protocols engaged. System Reboot Required. Data Transmission Corrupted. Primary FTL Core Protocol Corrupted. Defense Main Frame Critical Action Protocols Corrupted: Critical Networking Errors Ship Power Failure Core Reboot Required: FTL Core Spool Up In Progress Can Not Terminate +++


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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

FG-Con 6: Weird Wars II Hold At All Costs Primer

The call of “Men” got the attention of the cold and fidgety troops of the 501st airborne unit as they were huddled around barrel fires trying to keep warm outside the small town of St. Hubert. The so called battle of the bulge has ended, with the Germans now on the defensive and the allies in full advance.


Fox Company was just pulled out of Bastogne to get some rest off the front lines before redeployment and all of the men’s hearts sank, hearing the Captain call out. Knowing that it only meant it was time to go back to work.


“Men, gather around” The Captain laid out a map on the hood of a Willis Jeep. “Several days ago our P52 brothers in the sky took a shot at a target of opportunity as they caught several SS Tigers tanks trying to move to take back the small Hamlet of Nilis, here” He points to the map. “The 35th Infantry Division had a platoon from Bravo Company holding up there since the start of the Bulge, and have yet been relieved since we went back on the offensive. But have sending us regular communiques, as they have been holding the cross roads for about 3 weeks now.”


He looked up “The day after the birds took out the elements of that tank unit, we have lost all contact with the Bravo and there has been some pretty cold and nasty weather in that region ever since the strike. Seeing we are the closest unit we have been tasked to recon the area and re-establish contact with Bravo and wait to be relieved from the other boys of the 35th” He paused.


“Now the bad news. Intel has just informed me, that this tank unit could be what’s left over from the 501 SS Panzer Tank Division.  There is rumored to be an Ace with over 150 kills with that unit, and if the P52s missed any of them or him alone that could be why we lost contact with Bravo, so keep your heads low and your eyes open. He drives a King.”


Again he looked around.. “Looks like our rest period is over boys, everything from trucks to bicycles are being focus on the counter offensive and you are going to have to pack it in on foot. Say goodbye to St. Hubert, you are moving out tonight.


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

FG-Con: Just a Few More Weeks!!


If I can say one thing, its the fact that I am really excited about FG-Con. I am hosting 2 short games and 1 demo game this year, and I think we are going to have a lot of fun!

I have been slowly putting things together over the last few weeks, making pregens, making notes, searching the internet for pictures, and all the other fun things when it comes to GMing games.

I have also just announced that I will be starting a campagin game for "The Last Parsec" over with the guys and gals of SXG.  The event which is called "Jolly's Savage Sci Fi" Which is open to any member of the group, and if you are not a member, its free to join and you will gets loads of access to many scheduled games through out the week with many great GMs and great players alike.

And I have also been running a Play by Post game on RPOL. Which has been going for almost a month now. Another game which anyone is welcomed to join in at any time.

Back to the FG-Con Events, if anyone out there is interested in joining then feel free to check out the links

April 17th: Savage Battlestar Galactica; Rise of the Phoenix

April 18th: Savage Worlds: Weird Wars II; Hold At All Cost

and lastly April 19th, a demo really of the FFG: Black Crusade: Boarding Party.

So swing by and check it all out..


Sunday, March 8, 2015

Play By Post: Necropolis: Dead Run Part #2

Re: Scene 1: Up in Smoke! by 221585 Stephane Martiniere

Autocannons rip into the building, devastating the REPHAIM gun crew that was setting up for another attack. The 40mm shells blowing the undead soldiers in the chunks of rotten meat.

Re: Scene 1: Up in Smoke! by 221606 Florian Racz.

Florian catches the Templar's requests over the comm and dates a quick look back out into the streets to see the damaged tank coming about and opening up on the enemy emplacement.  It was nice to see the enemy taking heavy fire for once today.  But, it couldn't last.  Turning back inside the building, the Flame Knight keyed his comm, "Templar.  You did good.  We are secure.  Your position is too exposed.  Back that thing over here and get out before they coordinate their fire.  We will cover your approach.  Otherwise, god speed you."  Releasing his comm, Florian dropped a hand on the gunner's shoulder to get his attention, "Get ready to let that big gun speak.   Should he decide to make for us, he'll need cover.  We'll give him two minutes to make the call."  He then turned again to regard the medic who bumped into him, tugging his cigar from his lips and letting the smoke curl out, "I need you to be my eyes and ears in here.  Grab some cover and watch our flank til we move."  He didn't wait to see if orders were followed.  He never saw real officers do that.  Just act like there is no choice.  He struck the cigar back in his mouth again to change another look at the tank...

Re: Scene 1: Up in Smoke! by 221658 Genevieve Lacroix

Genevieve looked around for the flank before deciding to crouch down behind a counter with her submachinegun, covering the stairs.  She kept glancing out onto the street to see if the soldier in the tank were going to catch up with them.

Looking down, she made a check that she hadn't dropped anything.  Anything besides that boat anchor of a sword she'd dropped as soon as she could.  That thing weighed a ton.  She checked her remaining weapon to ensure the safety was still on.  She didn't need to accidentally shoot anyone in the back.

Re: Scene 1: Up in Smoke! by 221585 Stephane Martiniere

Martiniere calls down a few Saints in his native french as he glances at the sensors. The damage most likely extending to the electronics. He manages to activate the secure comm channel to contact his fellow survivors;

"Copy your request for extraction, I'm not leaving you guys behind if I can help it (Loyal hindrance), Templar Racz. BTW, Sensors show multiple hostile armours heading this way. We need to leave ASAP! I'm attempting to back up the Tank. It won't be easy with a damaged track, but here goes!"

Gunning it at the correct moment, the tank lurches back toward the cover that his compatriots are using.

Martiniere asks "Does anyone have some demolitions savvy? Maybe we can rig this puppy up to blow when the 'phaim approach"

Re: Scene 1: Up in Smoke! by 221594 Saturio Vocula

In reply to Stephane Martiniere (msg # 16):

Nodding to Brother Florian, Saturio begins readying his FMG in the doorway of the ruined building, ready to provide cover for the Brother tanker as he comes in.

Re: Scene 1: Up in Smoke! by 221606 Florian Racz.

That information caused Florian to nearly spit his cigar out.  Instead, he reached up and pulled it free to safety before keying the comm, "<Negative, Templar.  We are not requesting extraction.  We are requesting you get the hell out of that rolling target and come to us.  On the double!  We are in no condition to take on enemy armor.  Move Knight!>"  With a soft growl, he shoved the cigar back in his teeth, "Right.  We are going to need an exit route ASAP.  Lazarite, I need exits.  Let's see what we can find."  He gave a glance to the gunner and a nod of assurance, silently placing the responsibility of holding this position on his shoulders.  With that, Florian turned to head for the various doorways, stairwells, holes, etc, to try and find a route.  Hoping the medic would lend an eye to the job.

Re: Scene 1: Up in Smoke! by 221279 JollyWarmaster (GM)

Stephane fought with the the controls of the tank, but managed to move the tank up to the intersection just as a small squad of undead, and a captured light church tank moved into the intersection. Right into your killzone.

The Rephaim seem not to have noticed the rest of the squad in set up in the building as all their attention is drawn towards Stephane.

The turret of the captured Nazareth light tank slowly starts to turn towards Stephane, as the 3 freshly made zombies, still wearing their damaged and torn church armor start to move towards the Templar Knight.

Saturio and the rest of the knights hidden in the ruins are in a prime position to attack the advancing Rephaim from with in the building.

OOC: Opps from left to right we have Gene, Florin, and Saturio. Steph is obviously in the tank.

Re: Scene 1: Up in Smoke! by 221594 Saturio Vocula

In reply to JollyWarmaster (msg # 19):

Saturio saw the vile creatures move into the intersection, directly toward the Brother tanker's position. "Brothers, 3 fleshys and a captured Nazareth are moving into the interesection. We must give our brother time to get free. Let's cleanse!" He said.

Not waiting for a reply, Saturio snapped his ROF selector to 3RB, let a smile play across his face, and pulled the trigger.

Re: Scene 1: Up in Smoke! by 221585 Stephane Martiniere

Martiniere swing the autocannon turret towards the enemy tank and opens fire.

Then he quickly gets out of his own tank (making sure he's got all his gear), by the rear hatch (east facing), and uses the vehicle as cover and tries to find a way into the rubble for additional cover.

Re: Scene 1: Up in Smoke! by 221658 Genevieve Lacroix

Genevieve didn't wait for any further direction after Saturio's transmission.  Dodging around the counter, she ran across the rubble strewn room and flopped onto the ground behind what used to be part of the buildings wall.

Flipping her submachinegun off of safe, she sprayed the intersection wildly on full auto.  In her haste to find cover and fire, she hadn't braced the weapon properly and the volley of flechette spattered harmlessly into the building wall above anything she could have construed as a target.

Re: Scene 1: Up in Smoke! by 221606 Florian Racz.

Florian had found something in the rubble and had bent down to brush it of before Saturio's warning.  Pushing back up, he took a firm grip on the flamer.  A trigger pull ignited the nozzle, wreathing it in flame as he went.  The others were already opening fire and he reached the outer wall and leveled his weapon.  The sight of the tank made him pause only for a moment.  They had to give the Templar time.  He squeezed the fuel release and a huge got of sacred fire swarmed or towards the unaware Rephaim...

Re: Scene 1: Up in Smoke! by 221279 JollyWarmaster (GM)

The shells of the twin linked auto cannons ripped into the side of the Rephaim controlled tank. The rounds penetrated the thin skinned armor of the turret. Who ever, or what ever was sitting in that seat, could no way possibly be left in any less then 4 or 5 massive chunks!

The sudden onslaught of the attack on the tank, forced the tank hard and away from Stephane, the driver losing control, he rammed it into a side of a building, wedging it deep into its structure before coming to a stop, but not before crushing the closest zombie with its tracks.

Meanwhile, surprised by the fire from the tank, the 2 other Rephaim soldiers turned towards the advancing tank, just as a massive gout of flame engulfed the second zombie. Its a matter of seconds before the zombie falls to the ground as a charred lump of meat.

Saturio's rounds also finds the mark on the lead Rephaim, the flechette rounds tearing deeply through its armor, spinning it around where it stood. Dropping it.

Stephane's tank, lurches and grinds to a stop just outside the building where the others were firing from and jump out of the metal deathtrap!

Re: Scene 1: Up in Smoke! by 221606 Florian Racz.

Florian swept his eyes across the street looking for any more movement, saying quietly to the gunner and the medic, "Keep an eye on that tank.  Might not be done yet.  Blowing out a curl of smoke, he calls out with more volume, "Templar, if you can mind the cigar stink, you're welcome to come in out of the rain.  Fine shooting, by the way."

Re: Scene 1: Up in Smoke! by 221658 Genevieve Lacroix

Genevieve remained prone, covering the intersection after properly bracing the weapon.

"They'll be more coming," she pushed.  "We better keep moving for the extraction."

Re: Scene 1: Up in Smoke! by 221585 Stephane Martiniere

"Thank you Templar Racz. After the beating all of our Legions took, knocking those walking corpses back to Hell, was very satisfying"

"Now the sensors on the tank were damaged and as Templar Lacroix said, there's likely more of them coming, I can't be sure. Lets move out!"

Templar Martiniere picks his way carefully thru the rubble, looking to either Racz or Saturio to lead the way.

Re: Scene 1: Up in Smoke! by 221606 Florian Racz.

"Agreed," offered Florian as he stomped off into the interior of the ruined store.  He indicated the stairwell with his cigar, "Found a map.  There's an underground tunnel connecting the stores this district.  Runs south towards the LZ."  Reaching the stairwell, he taped his helmet light to activate it and let the light shine over the interior.  He then looked back, "Martinere, take point.  I'll follow you.  Then Vocula.  Lacroix gets the rear."

Re: Scene 1: Up in Smoke! by 221585 Stephane Martiniere

Templar Martiniere checks his new found flechette SMG, left in the light tank by the previous crewmen, stows away the few clips that go with it . He shoulders the weapons' strap and heads down, tapping his own helmet light as he goes.

Still jazzed by the adrenaline high of his successful attack and piloting of the tank, Martiniere takes point and carefully but confidently descends into the tunnel.

Re: Scene 1: Up in Smoke! by 221658 Genevieve Lacroix

Genevieve clambered to her feet to take up the rear.  It would be easier to cover than their flank as she knew where it was.

She was glad, she double checked her helmet display for the tanker's name, Martiniere couldn't see her expression.  He talked as though the soldier's they'd cut down were the enemy and happy to blow them apart.  They were Knights once, not long ago, and deserved some respect.  The Rephaim foot soldiers weren't the enemy, whoever, or whatever, that drove them was their true enemy.  The enemy of all humankind.

This war wasn't going to be won slugging it out in the streets.  They needed to discover the source of the Rephaim's power and cut it off.  It was the only way they were going to survive, let alone win.

They'd already lost one planet, this was all they had left.

Re: Scene 1: Up in Smoke! by 221594 Saturio Vocula

In reply to Genevieve Lacroix (msg # 30):

Saturio checked his FMG to make sure it was still in working order. "Plenty of ammo left..." He thought. "I know my brothers enjoy going hand to hand with these creatures, but a deadly spray of blessed flechettes is satisfying too."

Saturio saw that one of the brothers was talking about leading them into the rubble and through a tunnel heading south, aiming for the LZ.

As he nodded at the Templar, Saturio wondered about the close confines of the rubble. "Might be best to stow the FMG, and draw my sword." He instinctively slung the FMG across his back, and drew his sword, falling in line behind the Templar.

Re: Scene 1: Up in Smoke! by 221279 JollyWarmaster (GM)

The modernized Gothic stone style staircase which leads downwards into the dark is the norm for the architectural design which we have all come to expect in New Budapest, the stair case is at least wide enough to handle 4 people walking side by side comfortably. The stairs have a distinct cobblestone look.

The darkness engulfs you all as you descend into the tunnel. The faint emergency lighting in the various sections of the stairwell do little to shed any decent light as they flicker off and on. Several of them actually flicker off and remain off as you walk past them.

Even with the helmet lights, although providing adequate lighting do little to ease your nerves as you descend into the growing darkness.

Occasionally, the ground shakes, most likely from explosions above, causing dirt and silt to fall from the ceiling above.

As you descend to the first sub level landing you come to a door marked "-1 level"

The stairs also continue down, on the wall is marked with an arrow pointing downwards saying "-2 level"

Re: Scene 1: Up in Smoke! by 221658 Genevieve Lacroix

Genevieve followed the others down the stairs, gloved fingers searching her helmet for her own light to come on.  She turned to cover the rear while she stared at her feet trying to find the light with both hands.  It finally clicked on, illuminating her feet.  She moved quickly to catch up with the others.  The submachinegun was cradled in both hands and she reflexively checked to make sure the safety was on.

The stairs were spooky.  She was glad not to be in front.

Re: Scene 1: Up in Smoke! by 221585 Stephane Martiniere

Templar Martiniere felt rather too exposed without the warm, humming confines of his tank. Tight spaces didn't worry him, as long a some armor plating separated him from the enemy. In dark, underground confines like this, he felt too vulnerable, too weak. But he wasn't going to let his fear and doubt show in front of the others. he needs to make his family, his father proud and quiet the nay-sayers.

"All right people, stay on your toes. Eyes and ears alert. We've got our first choice to make. Templar Racz, what does the map say? Which way do we take to get to the LZ?.

Martiniere prayed, that Templar Racz would say "Level -1. Please let it be level -1!"

Re: Scene 1: Up in Smoke! by 221606 Florian Racz.

22:09, Today: Secret Roll: Florian Racz. rolled 2,3 using d4,d6, rerolling max. Notice.

Racz reaches up to free his cigar from his teeth for a moment.  It freed a cloud of aromatic smoke in the confines.  He glanced down the stairs a moment, then back to the Level -1 door.  Then back to Martinere, "The /map/ was a directory in the rubble back upstairs that I caught a quick glance of.  Let's try this Level -1 first.  Look for another directory or emergency escape route map.  They used to post those things every damn place.."  Sticking his cigar back in its place, he motioned towards the door in an "after you" fashion and prepared to follow the pointman.

Re: Scene 1: Up in Smoke! by 221585 Stephane Martiniere

Martiniere nudges the door to level -1, as silently as possible. Pointing his SMG wherever he's looking. Scanning the space beyond.

Re: Scene 1: Up in Smoke! by 221279 JollyWarmaster (GM)

Martiniere opened the door just a crack, enough to know that the days of thriving businesses that used to be hear are long past. Boxes and Crates are littered in the hallway. Emergency lights faintly light the hallways.

The Hallway is about 20 feet wide, the passage way runs north to south and there are plenty of side shops, nooks and crannies. Although the passage way to the north is heavily damaged, the passage way to the south looks pretty clear (Relatively speaking).

Re: Scene 1: Up in Smoke! by 221585 Stephane Martiniere

Martiniere communicates to the rest of the team, via internal radio:

"Obvious signs of recent use. And lots of places for hostiles to hide in ambush. We might also find survivors. Be wary! Not everything may me what it or they seem to be."

"Is every one clear and ready to move?"

Martinere takes a quick glance at each team member, to see if they're ready.

Re: Scene 1: Up in Smoke! by 221658 Genevieve Lacroix

The shorter Knight bringing up the rear, Lacroix, actually seemed to be pointing her weapon in the right direction for once and covering the stairway to their rear.

"Ready," she pushed quickly without turning.

Re: Scene 1: Up in Smoke! by 221594 Saturio Vocula

In reply to Genevieve Lacroix (msg # 39):

"Ready, brother." Said Saturio.

Re: Scene 1: Up in Smoke! by 221606 Florian Racz.

Florian nods along with the rest, "Lets do it.  Move out."

Re: Scene 1: Up in Smoke! by 221585 Stephane Martiniere

"Alright then, onwards and downwards."

The newly formed squad of irregulars goes thru the doorway, weapons ready and all senses alert. Mariniere on point, Racz right behind him. Followed by Vocula and Lacroix at the rear.

Martiniere wasn't sure if the Medic's combat training was enough. She seemed to have some difficulties with her weapon.

Martiniere hopes her medical skills are better, and that she doesn't need to use them on any of us until they can get to the LZ.

Re: Scene 1: Up in Smoke! by 221279 JollyWarmaster (GM)

Within the confines of the hallway, you notice signs of recent activity.

Stephane notices a damaged knights helmet, and some bandage wrappings on the floor near a still somewhat fresh pool of blood. The blood splatter indicates that what ever was bleeding went south.

Its looks like there has been a little bit of foot traffic here in the last little while. Bloody footprints surround the blood pool.

Even with the lights from your armor, you still find it hard to pick out anything in the darkened hallways of the underground shopping complex.

Nearby stands a information kiosk, part of it smeared with blood, and a few flechette holes riddle the plastic signage.

Stores, once bursting with life now lay dormant and in ruins. Even the underground portion of the city has seen its fair share of destruction.

Re: Scene 1: Up in Smoke! by 221658 Genevieve Lacroix

After a quick look inside she returned her attention to the stairway.

"Check for a map at the information desk," Genevieve pushed from the doorway.

"And let me know if anyone's alive," she added as an afterthought.

Re: Scene 1: Up in Smoke! by 221585 Stephane Martiniere

Martiniere shakes himself mentally, telling himself ''Its not that creepy, it's not that creepy! Focus Templar''

Re: Scene 1: Up in Smoke! by 221606 Florian Racz.

"Copy that, medic," offered Racz as he looked around carefully for any sign of movement, "But I would hate to see the soul still alive down here..."  He shifted the cigar around to the other side of his mouth a moment.  The distraction it offered was always a welcome one.

Re: Scene 1: Up in Smoke! by 221279 JollyWarmaster (GM)

A sound of something getting knocked over can be heard about 20 meters south, down the hallway.

Re: Scene 1: Up in Smoke! by 221658 Genevieve Lacroix

“There’s a Magtrain terminal on the next level,” she pushed.  “Maybe it heads South.”

Re: Scene 1: Up in Smoke! by 221585 Stephane Martiniere

Martiniere turns towards the sound and moves towards the nearest cover.

''Racz, Vicula, keep an eye out in case this is a distraction! Lacroix, find some cover''

Re: Scene 1: Up in Smoke! by 221658 Genevieve Lacroix

Genevieve stepped back into the stairwell and crouched down with her back to the wall beside the doorway.  She kept shifting her focus between the stairs leading up, and those leading down.

After a moment, she clicked off her helmet light so she wouldn't be a beacon in the dim stairwell.

Re: Scene 1: Up in Smoke! by 221606 Florian Racz.

Racz did not head for cover.  He simply took a few steps towards the hall in question, leveling his thrower.  A trigger pull lit the nozzle-flame, "I see you there.  If you are one of the living, step to me slowly and trust that we will help you.  If you don't, I might just have to assume you're dead already.  Decide quick which you are."

Re: Scene 1: Up in Smoke! by Brother Lendon ()

Cautiously from the shadows stepped a frail older man, in tattered robes. His hands raised in a non threatening manner. His robes suggest a lower ranking member of the church.

"Please sir knights, lower your weapons, my name is brother Lendon.

Re: Scene 1: Up in Smoke! by 221585 Stephane Martiniere

Martiniere slowly stand up from cover, ready to duck back down at a moments notice, he points his weapon away from the man, maybe 30 degrees or so. He eyes the old man, trying to see if he's legitimately what he seems to be.

"What are you doing here Brother? Are there any other survivors in the vicinity?"

Re: Scene 1: Up in Smoke! by Brother Lendon ()

Sir Knight, we must be quick.. the Dead still walk these hallways on occasion. He looks around. We have been looking for soldiers, and helping them as they try to retreat, we have been providing care to the wounded and helping with the withdrawal out of the city.

He quickly paused and glanced at the group.

Is it just you four?