Thursday, February 26, 2015

Deadlands: Reloaded: The Flood

Well, tonight was the first time in two months I had time to play an actual tabletop game. My group, the GFW Gamers quickly got me back into the Deadlands Campaign that I should have started last time I was home.

I am playing the roll of Billy Walker, AKA John Deschaine a travelling salesman.. *nod nod, wink wink*

GM: +Stephen King
+Shannon Davis
+JC Locke
+Eddie Spurrell
+Dave Stewart

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Necropolis: Dead Run Play By Post Sunday Update.

Necropolis: Dead Run

The Cast

Scene 1: Up In Smoke 

The whole offensive has been botched since the first mission! This push on one of the Repheriam held suburbs was a total disaster!

Thinking that they were going to be able to break through, 3 whole banners of the Knights Ordo plunged head on into the most bloody ambush anyone has seen yet. A well coordinated attack lured the knights into, then surrounded, and systematically hunting down the trapped.

Total chaos reigned as patched units of mixed knight ordos started to regroup and tried to fall back to the closest extraction points. Angle dropship pilots under heavy fire have been making pick ups deep in the zone, trying to rescue whoever can get to LZs.

The intersection you are at is piled high with rubble, as several buildings now lay strewn across the streets to the south, forcing anyone who needs to fall back to the closest LZ to either climb over the rubble, or find a way through the tattered buildings.

You are all huddled behind a brick wall which is riddled with bullet holes. Enemy fire has been heavy and you can see bodies of fellow knights laying in the street just ahead of you. Somewhere north on the street there has to be some sort of enemy emplacement. Across the intersection to the East, you can see an abandoned church tank. Behind you to the west, you know the enemy is pushing forwards trying to scoop up their prey in this deadly net. further south of you, over the rubble, the LZ awaits

Genevieve Lacroix

Genevieve tried to make herself as small as possible behind the wall as bullets raked the wall behind her.  She looked to the other three and steeled herself to follow their lead.  Someone out here had to know what they were doing despite what she’d already seen during the assault.

“What’s the plan?” she asked anxiously with a local push from her headset.

Saturio Vocula

Saturio Vocula instinctively flexed the grip of his FMG as the enemy fire tore up the bricks on the other side of the wall. He silently gave thanks for his armor as the rounds bounced harmlessly.

He desperately wanted to pop up and spray these abominations with the cleansing fire of The Holy Church, but knew he couldn't. "I'd be mowed down quickly by a dozen fiends with guns." He thought to himself. As Saturio looked at the hunched forms of his brethren, he knew they'd have to work together to get to the LZ.

"We must work together my brothers, if we're to make it out of this hell-hole. Let's go south to the extraction point." He spoke into his comm unit.

Florian Racz.

Florian calmly took the opportunity provided by the increasingly temporary shelter to tug a cigar from a pouch on his web harness.  The tip was pressed firmly down onto conveniently sharp part of his weapon, punching a small hole in the wrapping.  It was one of his best.  He'd been saving it, but, at the moment, there didn't seem to be much reason to wait any longer.  Now or never.  He turned his head just slightly to avoid a spray of dust from a ricochet before answering across the com, "Agreed.  Make for the LZ.  Head through the buildings.  I'll take point."  He set the cigar over the nozzle of the flamethrower, pulling the trigger for the igniter.  The nozzle was briefly lit by the weapon's pilot flame.  He set the smouldering stogy firmly in his teeth as he looked over the buildings to the south to try and pick the best path he could.

Stephane Martiniere

Martiniere scowls at Racz and his frakkin cigar smell. ''You know, that stench isn't helping in covering up our scent''

''The Tank is still functional, it's low on both ammo and fuel, but it should help get us to the LZ. I can provide some cover as you guys move. Go! Go! Go!''

Martiniere hops in the pilot seat and revs up the engine, he moves it as close to his comrade's positions, blocking as much incoming fire as possible. If he can he lays down some suppressive fire.


Martiniere dashes across the intersection, drawing a rash of fire away from the huddled group and jumps in the partially functional NAZARETH LIGHT TANK, rounds raking the hull of the damaged tank as he jumps in, narrowly missing him.

This creates a short lull in fire, allowing each of you to dash across the street to gain cover in one of the main buildings.

Geneveive steeled herself to dash after the big soldier with the red beard.  The other soldier made it to the tank without getting hit so she hoped they’d get across, too.

Florian Racz:
The big red bearded soldier was, momentarily, taken by surprise by the knight's sudden mad dash for the tank.  But, he was providing cover for the rest of them.  Florian checked back to make sure the other two weren't about to run off somewhere else.  Setting them ready, the big man pushed up and made a break for it.  Despite carrying the heavy canister pack, he's surprisingly nimble as he dodges and sprints across the rubble.  Flechette needles skitter and spark all around, yet none find anything important on his person.  He doesn't pause or look back even as he shoulders into the ruined building.  He focuses on checking the interior space for threats.  If any present themselves, cleansing fire awaits.

Genevieve Lacroix
She stumbled after, just concentrating on keeping her head down and her feet moving as things whizzed by.  It was all she could do to keep moving and not dive for cover in the middle of the street.

She was so focused on getting across that she ran directly into Florian’s back when they reached the cover of the buildings.

Genevieve Lacroix
Saturio Vocula grits his teeth, and leaps from behind the wall into a run across the street. "...let me continue to serve the church, please let me continue to serve the church, please..." He thinks.

As he passes through the rubble strewn doorway of the building, he looks to make sure his brothers have made it safely. "Are we all accounted for? We don't leave anyone behind!"

Stephane Martiniere
Surprising even his new found compatriots, he makes it to the Tank's interior. Ducking and weaving, simply trying to pretend this is a training exercise, imagining his old drill Sgt's voice, to avoid freezing up in terror, as the rounds chew up the landscape all around him.

Martiniere, spot a few 'phaim and fires wildly in their direction, his shot misses, but forces them to duck behind the old civilian delivery van.

He praises the All Mighty for his luck, and revs up the engine. Once everyone's aboard, he struggles to move the Tank in the direction he wants. "Move it you bucket of.....arrgggg!"

"Maybe this was a bad idea! Lord Above, hear my prayer, allow us to escape this infernal place in one peace. Make this Tank a shield for your Faithful Servants and permit them to fight another day"

Martiniere shouts out to his compatriots; "Somebody man the turret! Give us some suppressive fire. Anything! Driving this beast is NOT as easy as it looks!"

Stephane, not realizing during the fog of war, it was only him who ran to the tank, finds himself inside alone firing into the second floor of a building on the north end of the intersection.

You all hear the chatter of the tanks Autocannons, as you enter the building on the southside of the street. As you were running, you were able to see the rounds of fire rake a section of a building across the street to the north. The AC tracer rounds obviously pin pointing the locations of the enemy gun emplacement.

Inside the room, you can see that this was some sort of retail store at some point in its past. Broken shelves and tipped over bins lay strewn, as clothing and other merchandise litter the floor.

On the south interior wall of the building you can see heavy damage sustained when the building next to it collapsed some time earlier in the battle, several sections of wall are large enough to climb through. Also inside you can see a staircase that heads up and down, and there are several other rooms or doorways which may lead to other sections of the old building.

Stephane Martiniere
Meanwhile, back in tank, Martiniere tanks threat sensors briefly go off.

Autocannons rip into the building, devastating the REPHAIM gun crew that was setting up for another attack. The 40mm shells blowing the undead soldiers in the chunks of rotten meat.

Your threat meter is detecting enemy armor moving towards your position from the west. You can not tell how many though

Florian Racz.
Florian catches the Templar's requests over the comm and dates a quick look back out into the streets to see the damaged tank coming about and opening up on the enemy emplacement.  It was nice to see the enemy taking heavy fire for once today.  But, it couldn't last.  Turning back inside the building, the Flame Knight keyed his comm, "Templar.  You did good.  We are secure.  Your position is too exposed.  Back that thing over here and get out before they coordinate their fire.  We will cover your approach.  Otherwise, god speed you."  Releasing his comm, Florian dropped a hand on the gunner's shoulder to get his attention, "Get ready to let that big gun speak.   Should he decide to make for us, he'll need cover.  We'll give him two minutes to make the call."  He then turned again to regard the medic who bumped into him, tugging his cigar from his lips and letting the smoke curl out, "I need you to be my eyes and ears in here.  Grab some cover and watch our flank til we move."  He didn't wait to see if orders were followed.  He never saw real officers do that.  Just act like there is no choice.  He struck the cigar back in his mouth again to change another look at the tank...

Genevieve Lacroix

Genevieve looked around for the flank before deciding to crouch down behind a counter with her submachinegun, covering the stairs.  She kept glancing out onto the street to see if the soldier in the tank were going to catch up with them.

Looking down, she made a check that she hadn't dropped anything.  Anything besides that boat anchor of a sword she'd dropped as soon as she could.  That thing weighed a ton.  She checked her remaining weapon to ensure the safety was still on.  She didn't need to accidentally shoot anyone in the back.

JollyGM: This concludes the week 1 Sunday update, hope you enjoyed the read. If any of you out there are interested in trying Play by Post a try, contact me and I will send you the instructions on how to join. The more players, the more chaos :) 

Friday, February 20, 2015

A Ruined City Map

Hi all.

I was playing around with CC3 trying to make a large scale city map of a ruined urban battleground for my Play By Post game on RPOL. I have no idea on how 90% of this program works, so this turned out a little better then I expected it would.

Feel free to use it for your own needs if you want. Click on it for the bigger view

Monday, February 16, 2015

RPOL: Play By Post. Necropolis Dead Run About to Begin!

They say War is Hell... This is worse!

Thats right all.. I have 4 players waiting to go and I figured I give it one more day before I begin. Good news is, you can sign up to play anytime.. You can even sign up and just be a spectator and watch that game unfold over the coming weeks!

So if any one else is interested in getting in on the start of this game, today is your day..

Looking forward to see you there!


FG-CON: Game Events are being posted!

Just check out the growing list of games that is starting to form up at FG-Con! And its still over 6 weeks away! Awesome!

So for all you people out there who want to try out Fantasy Grounds, this is the spot to do it! Newbies and Vets alike, you are all encouraged to swing by and sign up!

If any of you are interested, I am running a Savage Worlds: Battlestar Galactica game and a Savage Worlds: Weird War II game for the event. I also think I am going to run a demo game (1 hour) so I can showcase the Black Crusade Mod I have.

But I still want to run a 3rd regular game...  But I want the 3rd game to be a little bigger and a little longer then my other two events (2 hour sessions each)

Anyways all, swing by and have a look at the offerings so far! I might already sign up for a few events cause I suspect they are gonna fill up fast!

Hope you see you all there!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Play By Post: Savage Worlds: Necropolis: Open Invite

This is an open invite game to the group at SXG and to any of those who might follow my gaming blog.

This is a savage worlds: Necropolis game with an open play style. Meaning, you guys will be helping me GM the game based on your descriptions you post.

The idea, is for all of the players to be feeding off one another as we play the game. I will provide basic info and settings and you guys as you act and move fill in the details.

I plan on using my blog in conjunction with this site to post pictures, and write overviews of the game for everyone to read as we progress through out the adventure. 

Like most play by post games, combat usually bogs down the game as people wait for others to act first. How will I keep this game moving? I will be using a hidden move system.

I make a post and describe the scene, INI order and all the players will get 24 hours to talk chat in the room provided to come up with an idea of what they want to do. Then, on the second day everyone does their own posts, rolls their dice rolls and will private msg me their moves and descriptions. I will then work out what happened in ini order and than describe that rounds events. So, if it works the way I envision it, 48 hours per combat round..  So yeah, like real life we may have someone doing running into a room when someone else decides to chuck a frag into that same room.But if you do not send me a txt saying the characters actions, the character will be skipped. Simple..

Character Creation:

I am going to keep this as simple as possible, for my own sake. If you are just joining this game, you will get a brand new basic level character that comes direct from the book. "No can I do this instead" stuff. Basic rules, level 1, Savage Worlds Deluxe rules and anything thing in the Players guide for Necropolis.

To make life simple for those who do not have any of the books, I will provide basic pregens, all you need to do is give it a name and a story and he is ready to go.

Other then that, get this ball rolling.

Feel free to head over to and look for a game by searching for GM Name "ShotGun_Jolly"and the filter (active but not seeking new players). I am doing it this way so only people who read my blog or follow me have access. Find me and send me a RTJ (Request to Join) Hope to see you there.

Search Results - Active Games
Game NameGMGenresPostsLast PostGame System
SXG: Necropolis 2350: Dead RunShotGun_JollyFuture, Horror, Sci-Fi215:43, TodaySavage Worlds

Moving Forward.. A Tribute

Hi all..

  This year did not start out as all the way I wanted it too for gaming. Sometimes life has other plans and forces you to go in other directions then where you had intended.

  The biggest setback, life event, that completely took the wind out of my sails was the loss of my father on Feb 14th. It was not so much the shock of his passing that got me, but the journey we all had to take to see his passing through. Needless to say, my creative energies in the past month and my desire to play games was somewhat gone.

  As with all things like this, and for each of us a different journey we have to take when dealing with a loss of someone you loved and looked up too. I slowly started to do what my father would want me to do and push through adversity and learn from it and grow stronger from it.

My dad was, in my mind, one of the few actual real life Indiana Jones characters, an avid old school woodsman, a fur trapper, part time archaeologist and a full time wildlife artist.You can check out an independent obit here from Elfshot.

But my father always had a desire to be creative, to learn, to tell stories and to always just have fun. He was a good example of what a good person should be. And he would not be a type person who stopped doing the things he loved when bad things in life happened, he would be the type of person who worked harder at the things he loved till the bad times are past.

So, just the other day someone mentioned to me that they were kinda of surprised that I would be back wanting to GM games so soon after an event like that in my life. I thought about what they said for sometime and I started to wonder if I should take more time. But then I realized, that in order for me to move on I need to do the things I like to do. I need to play games, I need to go hiking and I need to go climbing.

So to honor my late father I am going to keep moving forward, the way he taught me. Hence why I am throwing my hat into FG-Con again this year with 3 games over 3 nights. (My 3rd game, yet to be announced but its coming) and I am also going to have and open invite to a Savage Worlds: Play by Post Necropolis game on soon to be active in the coming week.

I have made a decision that I will do the things that I like to do, and I will enjoy my gaming and hobbies again. So, I would like to have you all around to share.

So lets go roll some dice. :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Savage Worlds and Open Invitation To Play.

Hi All..

I just found out that the rig that I work on will be making a cruise across the North Atlantic to somewhere in Europe in the near future. This all inclusive cruise is going to be close to 30+ something days, maybe longer. During this trip I will have very limited internet access, if any. But I am going to hope for the best.

If it goes the way it did for me on my last voyage, I will have basic slow satellite access. So.. I want to stay active in my GMing, so I am thinking about playing some Savage Worlds on

I have been using off and on for many years and I figured this could be a good spot to do it, as it allows me to play using minimum online bandwidth, which is good.  But I always enjoyed playing games on RPOL, I like the stories that the players end up telling in their own words.

So, for my fellow club mates at SXG and anyone who follows my blog I would like to extend the invitation to participate in a play by post Savage Worlds game (Game yet to be determined) on But right now, it could be either a Weird Wars, Necropolis or even some Post Apoc style game.

So, for those interested, feel free by commenting on this post.

This game will be open for as little as 2+ people to as many of you who would like to join.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

FG-Con: Weird Wars: II Hold At All Cost

Weird Wars II: Hold at all Cost (Savage Worlds)
April 18th, 2015
Inspired by the Classic DC Comic Book Series “Weird War Tales”

Tasked to hold back the advancing Nazi counter attack, a small platoon of US Paratroopers setup a defensive line on the outskirts of an abandoned village deep with in the Ardennes forest.

This is a 2 hour game session, using Savage Worlds Weird Wars II setting and ruleset. It is open for 3-6 players and pregens will be provided. 

FG Con 6: Savage Battlestar: Rise of the Phoenix

FG-Con 6: Savage Battlestar Rise of the Phoenix
April 17th, 2015

The colonial shipyards at the colony of Scorpio has just been attack, the Battlestar Pegasus just performed its emergency (blind) jump out of its yards. At the same time, the stealth strike cruiser Phoenix arrives to witness the full destruction of the shipyard and is embroiled in a deadly game of cat and mouse with the cylons.
This is a Savage Worlds game, for 3-6 players. Pregens will be provided. Game Length 2 hours. Reserve your spot now, and register for the best online RPG gaming event on the planet. (which is free!) Sign up at FG-Con today