Wednesday, March 25, 2015

FG-Con 6: Weird Wars II Hold At All Costs Primer

The call of “Men” got the attention of the cold and fidgety troops of the 501st airborne unit as they were huddled around barrel fires trying to keep warm outside the small town of St. Hubert. The so called battle of the bulge has ended, with the Germans now on the defensive and the allies in full advance.


Fox Company was just pulled out of Bastogne to get some rest off the front lines before redeployment and all of the men’s hearts sank, hearing the Captain call out. Knowing that it only meant it was time to go back to work.


“Men, gather around” The Captain laid out a map on the hood of a Willis Jeep. “Several days ago our P52 brothers in the sky took a shot at a target of opportunity as they caught several SS Tigers tanks trying to move to take back the small Hamlet of Nilis, here” He points to the map. “The 35th Infantry Division had a platoon from Bravo Company holding up there since the start of the Bulge, and have yet been relieved since we went back on the offensive. But have sending us regular communiques, as they have been holding the cross roads for about 3 weeks now.”


He looked up “The day after the birds took out the elements of that tank unit, we have lost all contact with the Bravo and there has been some pretty cold and nasty weather in that region ever since the strike. Seeing we are the closest unit we have been tasked to recon the area and re-establish contact with Bravo and wait to be relieved from the other boys of the 35th” He paused.


“Now the bad news. Intel has just informed me, that this tank unit could be what’s left over from the 501 SS Panzer Tank Division.  There is rumored to be an Ace with over 150 kills with that unit, and if the P52s missed any of them or him alone that could be why we lost contact with Bravo, so keep your heads low and your eyes open. He drives a King.”


Again he looked around.. “Looks like our rest period is over boys, everything from trucks to bicycles are being focus on the counter offensive and you are going to have to pack it in on foot. Say goodbye to St. Hubert, you are moving out tonight.


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