Monday, April 13, 2015

FG-CON: Black Crusade: Boarding Party Teaser!

Hey all.

What do you get when you Khorne Berzerker, a Chaos Champion, a Chaos Chosen Terminator, and a Chaos Sorcerer meet up for some fun on a drifting imperial ship?

You get the first 4 pregens for my FG CON Demo game of Black Crusade coming up on Sunday! Thats what!

Thats right, a small warband of up to 6 chaos marines have boarded a stranded inquisitor ship, can they fight their way to the bridge and claim its as a prize? Or does the fickle will of chaos have something else in store for the doomed ship?

Right now, 2 spots remain free. Come and sign up and FG-Con today!

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