Monday, March 7, 2016

Conan Quickstart RPG: Files to use with Fantasy Grounds.

Hi all,

*update*Files have been made Copy Right Friendly! :) Links below are active.

If anyone who knows me, they know that once I lock onto something, I tend to be flat out with it till I get what I want done, done.

Well, I am really looking forward to this Conan RPG Kickstarter, and I am going to want to play it when I get it. So, I took the time to make some files for it so I can play and get others to play on it.

Here is a mod file, which contains all the NPCs from the quickstart rules. Nothing else tho. (Don't worry, Google drive thinks this file is a video, just download it anyway when it asks)

The next thing I did was made a zip file which contains all the player characters from the Quick Start rules, which you can just unpack in the right folder and import them in.

I tried to automate everything, so if you want to get the full use of this you will need to run over to Fantasy Grounds and download the MoreCore extension.