Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Black Crusade Ruleset and Extension Progress Report

I have some pretty good news for those who like the WH40K Rulesets.

First of all, I am pretty sure I am 99% finished my Black Crusade Theme Extension for the Fan Made MoreCore Ruleset. There is not really much to it, really, but the thing with MoreCore it is very modifiable. You can pretty much make your own Library Modules for any RPG and just cut and paste. I really love it.So, soon, that will be done..

Second, I managed (And Surprisingly So) revive the older Black Crusade Ruleset which I modified from Paul Pratt and Danny Statton's Dark Heresy Rulset to work again with the newer FG 3.2.2+ upgrades. So, what is so great about that.. two things. All the modules I made for it will not have to be remade AGAIN for the 3rd time. And secondly, all the really cool and taylor made automations that Paul and Danny used for Dark Heresy, modified now to work for the Black Crusade Rules.

Give it another few days and I should hope to have at least the MoreCore Extension done. And not long after that, I will have the Black Crusade Ruleset ready. After that, I will work on fixing up my Death Watch and then on to Only War.

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