Monday, March 27, 2017

Got a full House for FG-Con: Adrift

Got a full house of players for my Coriolis Adventure that I will be running at FG-Con 10!!

This is going to be fun! My game is full, but there are lots of other fun free games being offered, so check out FG-Con 10!

Event Log 656.0830-1 – The Shazheim Rose
We just picked up our most lucrative contract ever. Hauling Laboratory supplies back to Coriolis Station. 20 000 Bir! Triple what we usually make for a trip three times as short. 5 days! . The four of us are happy, we all needed this. This should put a good dent in our ships payments, keep the creditors away for another month or two. Easy Money!! Well, time to depart. Praise the Icons!
-Frarouke Azheiem – Captain. Log End 01
Event Log 656.0830-2 
Well, so much for this being a short trip. Our vessel just lost all power to the drives. Seems like several power couplings failed. We have spares on board and both Anari and Scept are working on the repairs. 12 hours perhaps? Ill spend my time in prayer.
-Frarouke Azheiem – Captain. Log End 02
Event Log 656.0830-3
We have had a serious accident. Scept just got himself fried, he never isolated the circuits, and poor Anari is in shock. Icon’s have mercy! What else can go wrong? We are still powerless. Corban is now trying to fix up the coupling.
-Frarouke Azheiem – Captain. Log End 03
Event Log. 656.0830-4
Disaster! Anari just jettisoned Corban and herself out of the airlock! I tried to stop her, but she was mad. Screaming about the seven hells and demons. And now, the main power to the support systems are failing. I have just initiated my distress beacon. But the power of the signal is being impaired for some reason? May the Icons send my cry on wings…. *Sounds of a banging* Now what? Icon’s protect me!… Scept? … Scept, how can you … No! … Noooo!..
*Static* Log End 04