Sunday, September 3, 2017

Conan 2d20: The Eye of Thieves and the Lost City of Necropliysa

Tonight I played just a short one shot adventure scenario with a few of the guys. Two of my standard players couldnt make it so instead of the actual campaign game I am running. I decided to try out the adventure generator from the GM toolkit for Conan 2d20. See how it played out.

I gotta say, it created a pretty decent little scenario and I was pretty impressed.

So technically, there is the base rolls..  Here is a screen shot of it.

So working with this, and a few other rolls that are not above. Cults, locations, etc. Then I filled in the adventure with the details my mind created.

The party agreed to meet a bounty hunter and to track down a person who was suspected of having the the famous eye of thieves. The person was a member of a group of smugglers who were sneaking through the mountainous area of Khoraja; avoiding the steep tariffs imposed on regular merchants.

When they go to meet up with the bounty hunter, they discover that he was missing from where they were to meet. They tracked him to the location of which the smugglers were using as a camp, an old  profane ruined temple. Only to discover the bodies of the smugglers torn to shreds and still no sign of the Bounty Hunter.

At this point, night was in effect and they discovered tracks leading into the ruined temple to a room with no visible exits. A secret chamber no doubt!

Inside the chamber, they discover that a Draugr doing an evil ritual and using the body of the bounty hunter to summon through a portal a child of the outer dark!

The bad news, is the eye of thieves is not there, as the bounty hunter paid for bad info and was sent to his death on a fools errand. Meanwhile the party who happened to be in the wrong spot at the wrong time got to face two very nasty creatures. And of course, fame and fortune! Of course and jewels or items taken from the temple would have caused some pretty bad things to happen when it left the grounds. Causing a curse which would send despair to all in the party every day till the jewels are given away, sold or destroyed!

But that didn't happen (it should have but it didn't). The guys spent to much time searching through the ruins in the dark, only to disturb a mob of Ghouls, lead by a toughen Ghoul who came out from their various crypts and holes in the temple complex to feed on the already slain bodies.

One player got jumped and mauled pretty bad, before the group finally managed to control the situation.  Carnal Stink + Grapple + Bite = Bad News!!

After that I called it, as they would not have survived the main fight with the two baddies! Plus I was tired!

The archetypes involved
A Hyrkanian Horseman
A Nemedian Scoundrel
and a Brythunian Merc Captian.

It was a good test of some obscure rules, also put grapple to the test which just proves that its very very deadly!

We had a few rules discussions, kinda slowed things down a bit.. but I ended up learning a few things. The mod for Fantasy grounds worked much smoother, and the UI was more efficient. So much more with the combat tracker. The hard work in getting all the creatures entered into a decent format that worked with in the confines of the software really paid off.

All the effort into making my own module for fantasy grounds has been very rewarding!!

I would like to thank my players. I am happy you guys agreed to play and I hope you all had fun.

+Sean Phelan
Last, but not least and certainly no unheard. Mr.  +Frank Falkenberg :)

Thanks guys, I had fun run through of the random adventure.