Friday, April 27, 2018

Dog Brothers and Sword Sisters! Lend me your Swords!

Sons and Daughters of Hyborea! Sell swords and cut throats!

Looking to round out our group of players for 2D20 Conan, Adventures in an  Age Undreamed of.

Currently we have a regular group of 5 players, with an average turn out of 4 players a session.
The schedule is a little off due to my work. My schedule is based on a 6 week cycle. Each game is roughly 3-4 hours long. Held on a Saturday night.

Week 1: Game
Week 2: Off
Week 3: Game
Week 4: Off
Week 5: Off
Week 6: Off
Return to Week 1.

Players MUST be able to use discord, and have PTT mics (Headphone and mic is preferred)
My game will be run via Fantasy Grounds. I have the ultimate version so any players will only need the DEMO version to play.

In our game, we currently have a group who are working to recover ancient relics. We have,
Relic Hunter
Merc Captain
and an Sorcerer (our part time player due to real life)

I am hoping to fill out the rosters with a few other archetypes. But I am looking for people who want to role play and tell a story with us, and not just randomly burn down taverns (or whole cities) And to help me believe a person is serious about roleplaying. I am asking for people who want to join to create and make their own character, with a short "why my character wants to join the team" You know, Make it kinda fun.. lol

I know this may cut down on people wanting to join, but if a person does want to join, well they will be the type of person (and player character) we are looking for.

My games are graphic, and do contain adult subject matter, but I do my best to keep everything above board.

So if anyone is interested, please go to my discord server and submit your character at the "Looking for Games" chat room.

If you want to find out a little about me, or see some of my games and streams, check out my Youtube Channel here.