Monday, June 6, 2016

Savage Battlestar: Setting Rules!

First of all, I would like to give my thanks to +Manuel “ManuFS” Sambs  He made one kick ass cover for me to use!

Really appreciative of all the effort and time that went into this! Love it!

Now, on to setting rules.

These setting rules are new, and have not been really tested that much yet, so if anyone decides to use these, please feel free to comment on them.

Setting Special Rules:

Jokers Wild

Character Creation:

Follow the normal creation rules for Savage Worlds when creating a human player. 15 Points for skills, 5 points for attributes and 1 free edge.

Characters may then choose to have a colonial MOC class they would like to focus on. Each class must have the required skills purchased out of your starting skill points. Anything not an MOC would be a civilian, and would be up to the discretion of the GM to allow in that point of the campaign.

Viper Pilots
Raptor Pilots
Bridge Officer
Deck/Tech Crew

Viper Pilots
Stats: Agility D6
Skills: Piloting D6, Shooting D6, Knowledge Space Tactics D4, Knowledge Dradius D4.
Edges: Officer (low rank min)

Raptor Pilots
Stats: Smarts D6
Skills: Piloting D6, Astrogation D6, Electronic Warfare D4, Knowledge Dradius D4.
Edges: Officer (Rank)

Stats: N/A
Skills: Shooting D4, Fighting D4, Throwing D4, Knowledge Tactics D6, Driving D4.
Edges: None

Bridge Officer
Stats: Smarts D6, Spirit D6
Skills: Knowledge Dradius D6, Knowledge Tactics D6, Pilot - Capital Ships D4, Astrogation D4.
Edges: Officer (Rank)

Deck/Tech Crew
Stats: Vigor D6, Smarts D6
Skills: Knowledge Repairs D6, Connections D4
Edges: None

Skill/Edge Notes

Black Market: This person is able to wheel and deal with looking for hard to find items when dealing with other departments/ships in the fleet.

Dradius: Is a skill that allows you to be able to read and understand your onboard ship sensors.

Electronic Warfare: This is a skill which will allow you to engage in spoofing, jamming and counter jamming enemy signals/missiles etc.

Pilot - Capital Ships: Same as piloting, but for larger ships which involves crews larger then 10.

Astrogation: Want to do a FTL jump into the middle of a sun? No? then have this skill!


Evasion: Novice, Agility D6, Pilot D8
Like going full defense during a melee combat, this edge allows a pilot to attempt to make a piloting roll of a star ship to add +1 to his To hit number to avoid being hit. On a raise you get +2. This counts as his action and lasts until his next turn. Also, this +1(+2 with a raise) bonus is added to your total piloting roll to avoid a missile lock

Evasion, Enhanced: Seasoned. Evasion. Pilot D10
As Evasion, but adds +2 to his To hit number to avoid being hit. A raise gives you +3 total.

Officer Rank: To be a pilot, you need to have an officer rank. Starting rank for Pilots and Bridge Officers are Ensign

Cylon Special Rules

Cylon Raiders: (Optional)
Raiders often fly in groups. For game purpose when Cylon Raiders are in a combat they can be grouped together to receive special benefits while in groups of 2 or 4.  While in groups of 4, only 1 Cylon in the group attacks, but gets a +2 to hit and +1d6 damage (which can ace) . When there is either 2 or 3 in a group, that bonus is then reduced to +1 to hit and +2 damage. This rule is for the intent of speeding up space combat.

Cylon Sleeper Agent: (Optional)
When a new character is introduced into a campaign, that character roles 1d100 secretly into the tower. On a role of 95-100, that character is secretly designated by the GM as a sleeper agent. At the start of every game session, the GM publicly draws a card, if the card is a joker, the GM may inform, any or all of the sleeper agents of their activation. The GM can assign special mission or objectives for them to complete until they are ultimately caught. (This rule is intended for serious role playing groups.) This is also to add tension to the group.

The Twelve Colonies

I really liked the idea of getting special free bonus from being a member of a particular colony (Inspired by John Brown and Rick Petersen in their version of Savage Battlestar) So I have adopted a similar approach. When you select a colony, you get the free listed bonus, If you pick one with a Hinderance, you may add the value of that hindrance as a bonus to character creation for free.

Caprica: Stat - Smarts start at D6, Skill - Pilot or Pilot Capital Ships D4
Canceron: Skill - Scrounger D4, Skill - Persuasion D4 
Scorpia: Stat - Vigor Starts at D6, Skill - Knowledge Tactics D4
Libris: Hindrance - Quirk Minor - Carouser Edge - Charismatic
Picon: Edge - Combat Reflexes
Aquaria: Edge - Level Headed
Geminon: Skill - Healer D4, Hindrance Pacifist. (Minor)
Tauron: Edge - Brawny, Hindrance - Stubborn (Minor)
Aerelon: Edge - Fearless
Sagittaron: Stat - Spirit start at D6, Hindrance - Outsider (Minor)
Virgon: Edge - Common Bond
Leonis: Edge - Brave, Stat - Strength starts at D6