Saturday, June 18, 2016

Savage Max: Into The Wastes

Preview of my Savage Max Setting:

This conversion is meant to be hard on your characters. Players really need to do their best to survive. Do you spend your bennies on Blood and Guts, or do you save them to soak due to Gritty Damage?

Everything is scarce and hard to find, it will be hard to tell the heroes apart from the villains. This should be a setting where the weak feed the strong, and the strongest rules them all.

Source Books:

Savage Worlds Deluxe Core Book

Reference Material:

Hell On Earth *Vehicle Construction - More details later
Sci Fi Compendium *Vehicle Construction - More details later
MAD MAX The PC Game for my screen shots

Setting Rules:

Blood and Guts
Gritty Damage
Jokers Wild

Savage Max Rules:

The Desert Wastes:
The world is tough enough as it is. Each player starts the session with 1 additional bennie.

Vehicle fuel levels come in 5 levels.
(Full) (3/4) (1/2) (1/4) and (Empty)

"Guzzeline Eh?"
In the wastes, fuel is scarce. At the end of any encounter that involves vehicles. Each driver draws a card, a card of 5 or less reduces your fuel level by 1 step.
If you draw a 2 of clubs, you used up all your fuel in that encounter. You have run out of fuel!

If you use Nitro, make a driving roll. If you pass you gain +25% acceleration, +25% top speed for 5 rounds. Any driving roll you make during these 5 rounds are at -1. If you failed your driving roll, vehicle must roll on the critical damage table using 1d8 (Not 2d6) then you gain the above mentioned bonuses. On a critical failure you roll twice on the damage chart. Using a nitro immediately drops your fuel level by 1 at the end of the combat. (This is in addition to whatever card you draw for fuel)

While shooting any form of gun powder weapon, any roll of one on the shooting die results in a misfire. The gun jams, you will need to clear the chamber to ready the weapon. A critical failure roll (two "1"s) results in the weapon exploding, Taking listed damage in "Fatigue"

I would really love to hear your thoughts on what I am presenting so far. I am really trying to capture the nitty gritty feel of the movies. With out making it to complicated by adding to many special rules. The vehicle construction rules for your "Magnum Opus" (I love that term!) is where you will find most of the complexity but I am doing my utmost to keep vehicle construction rules as simple and as fast as I can.

See you all later.