Monday, January 9, 2017

Conan 2d20 Theme for use with MoreCore on Fantasy Grounds.

Updated Nov 30, 2018

Hi everyone, I am happy to say my Conan Theme extension is ready for people to use. Just click on the link below to download it. Just note, you do not even have to use this theme, you can do everything with the stand alone MoreCore Ruleset, this just changes the graphics and some fields.

Get MoreCore Here
Get the Conan Theme Here V3.7 11302018

But I want to be clear, this is just a theme, it does not contain any rules, or other data. That stuff you will need to put it in on your own for your own use.

The only thing that is not on this extension is my doom pit tracker and the Dice Mods. So, you can download that module here. This contains the Doom Tracker, and the tokens.

Note: If you are not familiar with what MoreCore can do. Just read down through the thread, its pretty darn slick.

*Change log.
Using the available changes to MoreCore and excellent code from mcortez over on the FG forums. the updated MoreCore changed the character sheets drastically, taking this time I popped in some code to allow for manual tracking of Doom, Momentum. See picture below (still need to refine the formatting of the trackers, but I will soon I hope) But now, attributes are linked to focus and expertise. No more changing dice codes manually!

I removed the pre formatted character sheet, and I added a template here

Made some small behind the scenes changes to the character sheet. Also reactivated the spells section on the MoreCore Tab.

Now has an integrated character sheet template.
Smaller Doom Tracker chart, just makes it more easier to manage.

Here is a short video walk through of the extension.

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