Thursday, January 12, 2017

Something New For Jolly! I Blame Someone!


Everyone, just so you know you may see something new show its face around here. I have had TableTop Simulator (On Steam) for quite sometime now. Gifted to me out of the blue from +MartianKat about 2 years ago. So I guess I am gonna blame Kat :) Its a good blame though. :)

But as much as I wanted to use it, in the beginning it was clunky and awkward to use, plus I couldn't find anyone else who wanted to use it for anything.

Me, I wanted to use it for Twilight Imperium, BSG and Star Craft. But no one else was really into it at the time, so not long after.. TTS got relegated to (not installed) on my PC and was so for some time.

Now, out of the blue, some of the crew from said hey, lets start using this.. and boom!! its Tabletop Simulator overload!

Which is great!!

Now, with the resurgence of interest, I actually started to play around with it again and I find myself longing to play a RPG on it!

Seeing I have been pushing Conan 2d20 in the last few weeks, I decided to make my own table, using the tokens I used from my Fantasy Grounds games. Maybe every now and again, I may just broad cast a game using this, instead of Fantasy Grounds. It looks like it would be a total riot to play..

Anyhow, here is a work in progress shot of the game table. :)

Again, I blame Kat!