Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Black Crusade Begins..... Again

Its very easy to say, since I broke my ankle in a climbing accident; I would be remiss if I did not take all this extra time and work on some of my own projects for Fantasy Grounds. Especially Black Crusade! The last major Fantasy Grounds update essentially sent my ruleset into the warp, never to return. So here I am.. working on this.

+Paul Pratt  one of the guys who designed the original Dark Heresy Ruleset, and whose ruleset I converted into Black Crusade offered his newer updated Dark Heresy ruleset. Now, Paul, he is a genius and his newer ruleset is a real reflection of that. Me, on the other hand, am not! And it didn't take me very long looking at his new ruleset, that I would be months trying to convert everything to what I want and need in Black Crusade, so with a very heavy heart, I have to say good bye to all of Paul's totally awesome auto scripts and excellent features.

But, here is the good news..

There is a fan based ruleset for Fantasy Grounds has recently gone through some serious overhauls and is actually super flexible and is very robust. MoreCore!! MoreCore is a generic ruleset, that is designed to use on Fantasy Grounds and be flexible enough to handle just about any game system thrown at it. One of the dev's for MoreCore, +Damian Hupfeld has been doing updates, making tweaks and is really pushing MoreCore to the next level. He has also been kind enough to put up with my nagging questions, and requests for features to fit my own personal needs over the holiday. So, I wanted to say thanks!

So, I am now in the process of making Black Crusade to work with MoreCore and so far, based on what I have seen so far. I think MoreCore is going to be a fine new surrogate mother to Black Crusade. Sure, it wont have all the totally awesome auto scripts from before, and that's OK. Ill live (I think)

So I am slowly picking away at it,, and here is my draft desktop and icons..  I still need to do a lot of work, on the chat windows, Combat Tracker and the Character sheets. But I think this is going to be good.

Once I get the theme done, I will then work on making a character sheet template and I will have that for everyone too.

Not much longer now.

View of the Player Side, resting state.
Here are some of the screen shots.
View of Player side, with dice hovering over the Dicetower.

View of Player side with sidebar button pressed. ( I will remove the black border around that)