Thursday, May 31, 2018

Dreams of Darkness Story Summary

One thing I have not really been doing is keeping a log of the adventures generated by the party in my 2D20 Campaign named Dreams of Darkness.  After seeing Wrath of Zombies blog update on his Barbarians of the Ruined Earth Campaign, it inspired me to do the same!

Session 0: Dreams of Darkness - Awakenings
  • In this session, the group came together in search for a holy relic that was stolen from the temples of Mitra in Terantia, the capital of Aquilonia. And had manged to track it to the city of Messantia of Argos. The plan was to meet up with a contact, a dealer of all things perverse named Remauldo. Their arrival could not have been sooner, as they discovered that Remauldo was being attacked by a group known as the Eyes of Yezud. 
Session 1: Dreams of Darkness - Dungeon of Despair
  • After saving Remauldo from a slow and terrible death, he asked the party to help break one of his formal business associates out of the kings dungeon. A known buccaneer who stole one of the kings greatest ships a few years ago, only to have been captured in Argos after being discovered raving mad in a small row boat drifting into the harbor of the great city. What horrors did this man witness?

Session 2: Dreams of Darkness - Visions of the Serpent
  • With rumors of mysterious back alley trades with shadowed Stygian Priests and Argosian nobles, and reported aggressive behavior shown towards the temples of Mitra, the party are approached by a member of the church of Mitra to investigate a dark and evil presence that was somehow unleashed in the holy sanctum.

Session 3: Dreams of Darkness - Daggers in The Dark
  • The Eyes of Yezud strike again, this time in the safety of the lodgings provided by Remauldo. The party each wake up in their own rooms to face assassins hell bent on putting cold steel through their chests. After they manage to save themselves, they were to late to stop the murder of Remauldo and also stop the apparent theft of some of his most prized belongings! With only vague clues to why Remauldo was targeted and what was stolen, the group was left to mourn their loss.

Session 4: Dreams of Darkness - The Empress of the Damned
  • After dealing with the loss of their close patron and finding a new patron, the group decides to regroup and get back onto the trail of tracking down the lost relic that brought them to Argos.  Only to be thrown into disarray when a public execution reveals that a potential witness to the stolen relic is about to have his head lopped off, worse yet, a young women, a past love interest of one of the players is also about to be dispatched for treason and attempted murder of the king. In heroic like fashion, the group rescue the girl and flee to the dockside and jump aboard a departing ship.. Leaving Argos behind them on the horizon.    

Session 5: Dreams of Darkness - Still Dark Waters...
  • Coming soon. But in this chapter the party will find adventure on the high seas as they deal with an evil so vile they may go insane long before reaching dry land again.