Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Join me at the Discord! And "Single Shot Saturdays!"

Hey, Good News!

Over the past few months or so, I have been slowly building a base of like minded individuals and players through out the world of social media. And to help make the connection easier, I have decided to open up and run my very own Discord Server. Yes, everyone and their dog has their own discord server now days. But I still wanted to have mine. Big thing for me is it allows me to interact with other players while I am away at regular interval work trips.

So I figured its time to widen the group a bit, and invite people to interact / announce games / Looking for Groups and post what ever gaming ideas they may have over on the discord. So feel free to join at Jolly's RPG Server

The games I am focusing on are: (these are all systems that I play)

  • GURPS.
  • Anything 2D20.
  • Anything Free League Publishing.
  • Anything Savage Worlds.
  • Anything Fantasy Flight Games. 
  • Advanced Fighting Fantasy.
  • And maybe anything else, if you ask nice.. 

So if you are a person who likes to play roleplaying games on Virtual Tabletop, then feel free to drop by, say hello, roll some dice. Make yourself at home at the Jolly Discord and maybe make a few new friends along the way.

Also, I am super excited to announce a pet project, I am calling Single Shot Saturday. Where I host various one shot adventures of the various Role-playing games that I play. But with a twist.. I will choose the setting, and I will create the characters. And my players will choose why they are together, and what they want to do. And the rest.. will be made up as we go along! With no prep, other then our imaginations! Total improvisation, that should be a blast!

My first Single Shot Saturday is going to be on May 19th. Which I will broadcast live on twitch! Game to be announced next week when I open it up to players.

So I Hope to be seeing you at the Discord!