Thursday, August 10, 2017

RPGaDAY 2017: Day 10 Where do you go and get reviews?

Day 10! Reviews!

Well, this one is hard for me to answer. As I find most online reviews, either on Youtube or personal blogs usually a poor way of getting a really good review on RPGs. As most times I feel, its people reading about a game or setting that they havent really played or are use too, and more focused on the quality and the look of the book and product.

"Oh, I dont like the spine, the paper is to glossy, the fonts are really easy to read.. blah blah blah" I find little value in those.

Now, when I do want a review of an RPG, sure I do read and watch some of these I mentioned above. But I try and watch actual game broadcasts to see the action on the table for its face value. That way, I can judge its mechanics in action, and I can judge the play value on the players and how they interact with it.

So the short answer would be YouTube and Twitch.