Friday, August 11, 2017

RPGaDay 2017 Day 11: Revive a Dead RPG? I know what I would choose!

I like this question! I have seen some pretty interesting responses to this. Along with some really good suggestions. (Points towards +Matt Stark)

If I only have the choice to choose 1 dead (Seldom played, or Has not changed in X amount of years, or in a outdated RPG system) then I would choose Palladium's ROBOTECH game line.

Back when this RPG game out, in my humble opinion was the only time that the introduction of MDC actually worked OK. The first book, Macross, was awesome! little skimpy on details but over all a lot of fun to play. Slowly, like other Megaversal systems, power creep started to edge its way in and balance started to fall to the wayside.

But I would love to see a ruleset, designed to give a fresh breath of life to ROBOTECH. Its an awesome setting, fun to play. I would still play it now, and I even ran a Savaged Version of it for awhile, a few years back.

Now that I think about it even more, MEKTON ZETA, by R Talsorian could easily be a good medium for it.

But if a new ROBOTECH RPG was released tomorrow, and its not related to Palladium Books. I would be all over it.